2017 Baselworld

“Elegance comes from being just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside” Gabrielle Chanel

In celebration of its 14th consecutive year at Baselworld, CHANEL will present its second exclusive movement and will reveal new exceptional pieces. Exploring the universe and style of Gabrielle Chanel with boundless creativity, these pieces assert their unique allure by virtue of the extraordinary technical mastery of CHANEL Fine Watchmaking.

Première Camélia Skeleton Watch

The Première Camélia Skeleton watch celebrates one of the most poetic emblems of CHANEL. With its deep black colour, its architectural movement highlights the camellia’s perfect curves and enhances the sparkling radiance of its diamonds.

Calibre 2

A feminine foray into the world of fine watchmaking, the Calibre 2 is the second exclusive movement designed and manufactured by CHANEL's Swiss Manufacture. Boasting rare purity, its design featuring stacked discs depicts the natural geometric outline of the camellia. An exceptional calibre that pushes the boundaries of fine watchmaking for women with elegance and virtuosity.

  • Première Camélia Skeleton Watch White gold, brilliant cut diamonds, black camellia movement

  • Première Camélia Skeleton Watch White gold, brilliant cut and baguette cut diamonds, camellia movement set with diamonds