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Chanel is an independent company that believes in the freedom of creation, cultivates human potential and acts to have a positive impact in the world.

We offer a unique work environment, grounded in creating the conditions for people to perform at their best and feel fulfilled and confident in their work. We facilitate this through three pillars.


We ensure everyone is nourished to grow, be inspired and feel included for the long term. Such as…

  • Protecting the first 100 days for our people to create meaningful relationships and understand our culture at the beginning of their journey with Chanel
  • Enabling our people to consider meaningful flexibility within their métier


By nurturing the whole person, not just the employee, we give people the space and tools to design their impact based on their individual strengths and intrinsic motivations. But they never do it alone.
To create collective success, we promote and value the power of collaboration, and create the conditions for people to optimize their contribution to the business and the Brand for the long term.

We ensure all employees are rewarded fairly and competitively through Performance@CHANEL—considering individual and collective impact—and equipping our teams with tools to understand and accelerate their unique strengths and energizers.


We foster respect, empathy and dignity for everyone. We believe strongly that the diversity of our people across the full spectrum of human differences is essential to our organisation and the connections we have with our clients.

We are intentional in promoting diversity and inclusion, which starts from the beginning by ensuring every job opening is transparently advertised internally, and also creating a fair and equitable process for access to mobility opportunities. Chanel provides a Parental Leave program which supports all new parents, regardless of gender, who grow their families by birth, adoption or surrogacy.

In 2018, Chanel was one of the first luxury companies to offer a minimum of 14 weeks at full pay for all new parents worldwide.

Common questions

What is the application process?

Learn more about Chanel and the open positions available here. You’ll be directed to complete a short application and submit your CV.

Nothing jumping out today? Submit your interest or Sign In and turn on Job Alerts.

What happens next?

Our team will review your application and if your skills align, we’ll reach out to schedule an initial conversation. This is not only your first moment to share what makes you unique, but also a moment for you to learn more about what it is like to work at Chanel.

What is Chanel looking for throughout the recruitment process?

We recognise people in their full lives. You can best prepare by reflecting on:

What you do – the technical skills, capabilities and knowledge you bring to the role.

How you do it – how you achieve the things you do. How you approach your work, how you work with other people, how you show up day-to-day.

Motivation – your passions and purpose. We recognise that strengths are not just things that we are “good at”, they make us feel strong and energised.

Where can I learn more about Chanel? houses insight into Chanel. Take time to explore our Founder, History and Stories, our work in Corporate Sustainability, as well as our Arts and Culture initiatives.