Artist: Pink Floyd
Title: The Great Gig In The Sky (Written by Rick Wright)
Album: The Dark Side Of The Moon
Label: Capitol

On the 7th of December Karl Lagerfeld left it to the Byzantine Empress Theodora to receive us in the Salons of rue Cambon, customized to become the decor for the show.

Mat gold walls, painted mosaics, poufs and beaded curtains, scents of orange blossom and fresh mint… these are just some of the elements that she carefully chose to set the scene for the Paris-Byzance collection.

Sound speakers veiled by wall hangings unleash the poignant sounds of 'Dark Side of The Moon' by Pink Floyd, one of her favorite bands.

In the 17th Century, she adored Lully, Mozart amused her in the 18th, in the 19th she succumbed to the charms of Saint-Saëns and Debussy but, of all the musical expeditions infused with a hint of the Orient, it is the psychedelic trip of Pink Floyd that won out, appealing to her through the idea of an inner journey without limits or frontiers when high fidelity is a question of acoustics and nothing else.

The result is a musical mosaic that perfectly partners the Byzantine embroideries and links Constantinople with Paris by celestial paths that give the models the impression of walking on cushions of air with their arabesque heels.

Theodora approves when Freja closes the show to the sound of 'The Great Gig In The Sky', leading the way for the final parade of this collection which pays tribute to the know-how of the Métiers d’Art artisans.


Artist: Maxence Cyrin
Title: Behind The Wheel (Depeche Mode) (Written by Martin Gore)
Album: Modern Rhapsodies
Label: Japan

After the traditional Passeggieta, a leisurely stroll through the world of Chanel - doll houses, Haute Couture gowns compressed under sheets of Plexiglas, a peek into the pocket of a 2.55 bag - the guests at Palazzo Morando were treated to a performance by the pianist Maxence Cyrin.

Having always been fascinated by electronic music and pop music in general, Maxence Cyrin gives these piano melodies a very personal touch. He has released two albums ‘Modern Rhapsodies’ and ‘Novo Piano’, in which we can discover his interpretation of the favorite tunes that accompany him during his evening strolls.

For Chanel, he swaps his piano for a harpsichord painted in 17th Century style and plays melodies by Depeche Mode, Aphex Twin, Blur, Daft Punk, Pixies and Britney Spears… a mixture of different centuries that perfectly sees out the decade.



香奈儿限时精品店于库尔舍韦勒Courchevel的 “Chalet de Pierre” 酒店揭幕。这间惊艳呈现的精品店将阿尔卑斯山的景色与香奈儿的标志性象征融为一体。运用建筑材料打造的极简主义空间内,陈列着香奈儿的最新系列。

Le Chalet de Pierres限时精品店
Piste des Verdons
Courchevel 1850