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Battery Replacement

An integrated circuit lies at the heart of a watch with a quartz movement. This circuit transmits energy supplied by the battery to the quartz oscillator that divides time.


During a battery and resistance check, your watch is disassembled, enabling the watchmaker to replace any worn or damaged parts.

Complete Revision

Since all mechanical parts of a watch function continually, a complete revision is recommended every four to five years to optimize the reliability and longevity of your watch.


Polishing steel and precious metal watches can revive the luster of each creation.

Ribbon Replacement

It is recommended that you have the leather ribbons of your PREMIÈRE watch replaced every three years as general use leads to a normal wearing process that affects the strength and shine of the bracelet.

Bracelet Maintenance

As an essential part of your watch, the bracelet requires regular and necessary maintenance according to the amount of wear.

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