la crème main

CHANEL in my hands

The most desirable of handbag accessories is a hand cream. One that is so irresistible that seeing it, is wanting it. After trying it, you will not be able to resist it. Immediately absorbed, LA CRÈME MAIN leaves skin with a velvety finish. One you'll be constantly tempted by...


Innovation for enhanced design

Behind the simplicity of its design lies a major technical innovation. Unlike a tube, the pack of LA CRÈME MAIN maintains its shape. It is also designed to protect the formula. The on-the-go format slips easily into your handbag.

Pleasure for enhanced skincare

At the heart of LA CRÈME MAIN lie two ingredients. May rose wax smoothes and softens the skin by forming a protective moisture-retaining film. Iris pallida extract enriches the formula with its brightening properties. Hands are deeply nourished, continuously moisturised, delicately perfumed. Perfectly prepared for a manicure.