“Sensoriality is about sensations that spark an emotional response,” explains Maÿlis Louvet, Sensorial Evaluation Manager at CHANEL Research. “The sensorial identity of a skincare product is expressed through its texture and scent,” she continues, emphasizing the importance of creating formulas with a unique sensory profile. “When a product provides an instant feeling of pleasure, when a texture is truly enjoyable, we apply it more regularly. Over time, this is the key to its effectiveness.”


Product development takes years because CHANEL Research creates a unique sensory profile for each formula. The specific texture, appearance and scent of a product, alongside the visible skincare benefits upon application, are designed to offer all women a pleasant physical and emotional experience. As Maÿlis Louvet explains, “We know we have created the perfect formula when it provides not only optimal results, but also the ultimate sensory experience.”

“Our task is difficult, but we don’t compromise. We combine effective ingredients with sensoriality to create formulas that are ideal for different concerns and skin types.”

— Véronique Kowandy, Project Manager of Formula Development at CHANEL

For decades, CHANEL Research has put scientific and sensory innovation at the heart of its formula development. “We meticulously choose our ingredients based on their composition, purity and quality,” says Véronique Kowandy, Project Manager of Formula Development at CHANEL. “We conduct around 30 product trials—sometimes twice that, as we did for SUBLIMAGE L’ESSENCE FONDAMENTALE—in order to achieve the perfect texture.”



Gabrielle Chanel launched her first skincare collection in the 1920s, establishing herself as a pioneer in both the fashion and beauty industries. She believed that a woman’s confidence came from feeling comfortable in her own skin. Today, CHANEL continues to be a leader in skincare research and development.

What defines a pleasant experience differs from person to person, and these variations are central to CHANEL Research. “When we are developing products, we consider the importance of application rituals,” observes Ji Lee, former CHANEL Prospective Intelligence professional in Korea. Local knowledge is essential to creating skincare that meets different environmental and social needs and rituals. “For example, an American may simply apply a formula as directed, whereas in Asia, women are more likely to apply it in seven successive layers,” she says.


CHANEL Research set the goal of understanding the various emotional effects that skincare can have on women. Thanks to research centers around the world, as well as their own unique methodology and knowledge of neuroscience, the researchers are able to ascertain how products offer unique sensations.

“Sensoriality is a matter of pleasure and well-being,” explains Marie-Héloïse Bardel, Head of the Neurosciences Department at CHANEL. “Each CHANEL skincare collection occupies its own emotional territory. For example, HYDRA BEAUTY was designed to bring joy and an energizing effect. SUBLIMAGE, on the other hand, is more about self-confidence, fulfillment and empowerment.”

“Every woman is different; therefore, our formulas must be made to adapt to every need.”

— Véronique Kowandy

Each step is taken into account: from the creation of a beautiful jar to the various application gestures. For SUBLIMAGE L’EXTRAIT DE CRÈME, the key to radiant results is in the double emulsion. The transformative cream melts onto skin, spreading easily on contact, becoming richer and more enveloping as you apply it.