The Bottle

”For the N°5 COLLECTION, I wanted to source an extraordinary diamond to reflect the exacting standards Gabrielle Chanel used in the creation of the fragrance.”

—Patrice Leguéreau

55.55 necklace

”From the beginning of the process, I knew that I wanted to do a piece with a very special gemstone,” says Patrice Leguéreau, Director of the Fine Jewelry Creation Studio. ”And after months of research, a diamond was found that would support this idea.”

Intensely white and eternally flawless, the rare diamond has been precisely cut to 55.55 carats in honor of the legendary fragrance. In the same stroke of creativity in which N°5 was created, this gemstone is mounted on a necklace with a signature design that embodies the codes of the scent: the silhouette of the stopper and bottle, a clasp in the form of a 5 and a sparkling cascade of hand-set diamonds unfurling like its sensual bouquet.

Surrounding the 55.55-carat stone, more than 700 additional diamonds compose the necklace, each sourced and validated by the CHANEL Stone Department and the Fine Jewelry Creation Studio. The neck extends in baguette-cut gemstones as calibrated diamonds shape the shoulders, while the collar is a fall of brilliant-cut diamonds gradating to a shimmering pave. Suspended from the base are 5 pear-cut stones identical in quality, including an 8.36-carat diamond. They resemble droplets of the fabled scent, blending harmoniously like its notes.


A film of Savoir-faire: The Bottle

The 55.55-carat diamond evokes the minimalistic purity of the infamous N°5 bottle, but like the mysterious woman who wears the fragrance, it also guards a secret. Further challenging the boundaries of high jewelry and the savoir-faire that crafts it, the diamond has been cleverly fashioned to mimic the form of the bottle’s signature stopper, detaching as if one was about to apply a splash of N°5. Patrice Leguéreau adds of this remarkable feat, “I want to look forward not backward—to celebrate the timeless creation that N°5 is, and all that it holds for the future.”