For the first time ever, the CHANEL N°5 legend, a century in the making, meets the artistry of the Fine Jewelry Creation Studio. The iconic fragrance is distilled into 5 timeless motifs: the bottle, the stopper, the number, the flowers and the ethereal fragrance trail. Like the notes of the scent, these elements fuse harmoniously to create an unforgettable new collection, crowned by a necklace whose design reflects the defining features of the N°5 bottle.

Explore the creation of the N°5 COLLECTION


Inspired by the N°5 bottle, Patrice Leguéreau, Director of the Fine Jewelry Creation Studio, reveals the creative intention behind a necklace that features a D Flawless Type IIa 55.55-carat diamond—an homage to N°5 and its 100 Years of Celebrity.

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N°5 COLLECTION The Flowers

Jasmine, May rose and ylang-ylang comprise the olfactory formula of N°5 and were transformed by Patrice Leguéreau into maquettes for high jewelry pieces with lifelike volume and dimension.

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N°5 COLLECTION The Fragrance Trail

The GOLDEN BURST necklace translates the allure of scent on skin into an object of beauty by uniting 54 imperial topaz stones, with a total weight of 358.41 carats, in hues that evoke the fragrance.

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Patrice Leguéreau painted studies of the number 5 to create high jewelry designs, likening the numeral’s contrasting straight lines and feminine curves to the fluidity of couture ribbons.

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N°5 COLLECTION The Stopper

The form of the N°5 stopper recalls the shape of Place Vendôme, whose geometry is represented by a 55.55-carat D Flawless Type IIa emerald-cut diamond.

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N°5 COLLECTION The Inspiration

The masterpiece of the N°5 COLLECTION is a necklace inspired by the silhouette of the N°5 bottle. The piece features a D Flawless diamond, cut by great technical feat into a single stone of 55.55 carats with the proportions of the bottle’s signature stopper.

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