N°5 Parfum Grand Extrait

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Ref. 120450


Limited Edition


7.6 FL. OZ.



The fabled heritage and abstract, eternally sensual bouquet of N°5 are further elevated by this grand presentation. In a deluxe, limited-edition grand flacon, the N°5 Parfum Grand Extrait is an exceptional piece: a highly sought-after treasure for the connoisseur and collector alike. The now and forever fragrance in its rarest form.

The majestic faceted glass bottle — cut like a monumental diamond and sealed by the art of baudruchage — is nestled in a white satin-lined, artisan-crafted case that protects and encloses the legendary scent.

Carried out by hand, baudruchage consists of covering the neck of the bottle with a fine membrane, which is held in place by a strand of white pearl-cotton thread, then sealed with a black wax stamp.


An abstract fragrance that unfolds like a bouquet of abstract flowers, N°5 Parfum is the quintessence of femininity. Top notes of Neroli from Grasse blend into the sensual, floral notes of two exceptional raw materials, May Rose and Jasmine from Grasse. Aldehydes provide airy freshness and lend an abstract effect to the fragrance.

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Parfum Grand Extrait - 7.6 FL. OZ.