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The last fragrance launched and worn by her, N°19 is a daring, distinctive, uncompromising composition, in the image of Mademoiselle. A floral, woody, green scent with perfect balance.


An ideal harmony of vibrant, green notes of Galbanum and soft, powdery notes of Iris. A rich, smooth composition with a greater floral dimension, heightened by Ylang-Ylang, Lily-of-the-Valley and Rose.


The Eau de Parfum comes in a spray for easy application.

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Why did you choose this?
My wife wears it and is close to running out
Guest G on Sep 10, 2019
Chanel fragrances are legendary, and what better way to commemorate Coco Chanel’s legacy than by buying the perfume named after her birthday on that same day?
Guest Z on Aug 16, 2019
My wife wears it and is close to running out
Guest G on Sep 10, 2019
I love this parfum and have used it for 30 years. I get quite a few compliments. Difficult to find other than on-line at your Chanel site.
Lilly T on Sep 8, 2019
Chanel fragrances are legendary, and what better way to commemorate Coco Chanel’s legacy than by buying the perfume named after her birthday on that same day?
Guest Z on Aug 16, 2019
I have always loved 19. Cannot find it in my home town any longer. Although not my husbands favorite, it's mine. A must have!
Guest O on Aug 2, 2019
Hard to find ...love green floral Woody ..<br />Hope this is a life choice
Guest V on Jul 27, 2019
This has been my favorite perfume for years and years. Please don’t ever discontinue it. Thank you!
Guest U on Jul 21, 2019
I am a fidel customer of this perfume for 40 years
Guest I on Jul 1, 2019
My signature, classic scent. Très chic! So glad to still be able to have access to this perfume on Chanel site.
K I on May 29, 2019
Fell in love w this fragrance 40+ years ago and have worn it ever since.
Guest M on May 17, 2019
Happy Mother’s Day to ME❤️
Guest H on May 10, 2019
Birthday present for my daughter-in-law
Nancy L on May 4, 2019
I luv this spray have for 40 years
Guest I on May 2, 2019
It is the best for me. I've worn this fragrance since I was 17. I bought it for myself, shortly after my mother died. I felt freedom, joy, sensuality, independence and empowerment. It has never once, let me down. I wear other Chanel fragrance for occasions. This is me. It was my first decision I made alone in this world, without Mother to guide. I know I made an most excellent choice. Decades of women and men alike, begging to know what I was wearing, because they found it intoxicating.
Amantha B on Apr 29, 2019
An elegant and timeless scent
carolyn b on Apr 17, 2019
I have been in love with No 19 for the last 35 years! Beautiful fragrance, my husband loves it, and I am always getting compliments when I use it. Thankful I can buy it online, since the major department stores no longer carry this brand of Chanel.
Guest T on Apr 7, 2019
Chanel has the best perfumes and are long-lasting. My grandmother always wore chanel no 5. She was never without a bottle on her dresser. Just grew up knowing chanel fragrances. I am 52 now so big part of my life
Guest H on Mar 30, 2019
this is my favorite fragrance
Cathleen B on Mar 11, 2019
No. 19 is the only perfume I wear for over 20 years !!! I love it !!!
Guest M on Mar 8, 2019
I have loved and worn this fragrance for many years!
kathleen K on Mar 7, 2019
The best perfume, ever
StacyDerr O on Mar 4, 2019
I wore No19 many years ago and I'm taking a trip down memory lane.
Guest E on Mar 1, 2019
Using for thirty years, every time I try another scent I always go back. Wish Chanel would bring back the 19 body lotion.
Rosalind W on Jan 30, 2019
Rare and luscious, this oppulent parfum brings back memories of growing up.
Kaonohi B on Jan 11, 2019
Used it for many years - just decided to return
Shirley J on Dec 27, 2018
My wife’s mother bought her this as a wedding gift for our marriage in 1971. It has been her favorite for 47 years.
Guest O on Dec 19, 2018
Chanel No 19 is my sisters favorite perfume. I bought it for her as a Christmas gift.
Donna P on Dec 9, 2018
It's my favored fragrance and I'm unable to find it at any local retailer..
Guest E on Dec 8, 2018
This perfume was created the year my sister was born and I thought about how special she is and thought about the birth of this equally special fragrance. I have no doubt she will love it.
Jessica B on Dec 4, 2018
This is the first perfume I ever bought for myself, as a teenager, in 1974. I just finished months of chemo & was happy to see this available again. Time for a fresh start with a favorite from long ago....
PBMum P on Dec 2, 2018
This is the only parfum my wife really loves
Guest O on Nov 26, 2018
I have worn this scent since I was 16 years old, or almost 40 years. sure wish the parfum was available in your stores in the US.
Guest R on Nov 23, 2018
I've always loved #19. It isn't "sweet" and does not smell like so many other perfumes that seem to me to duplicate each other. #19 is distinctive and makes its presence felt immediately.
Damaris R on Nov 22, 2018
I’m 67, the past year has been tough, but I persisted! So, I’m rewarding myself with something beautiful.
Guest A on Nov 1, 2018
I have been wearing this scent for 40 years. Both men and women love the scent, and I always get compliments.
Guest A on Oct 22, 2018
This is my wife's favorite so this an anniversary gift
Allen A on Sep 28, 2018
I have loved this fragrance for over 35 years. I still think it's the most sophisticated of all the Chanel fragrances. I can't count how many times people have told me how great it smells and asked me what it is.
Marianne M on Sep 24, 2018
I have been using it for last 40 years. I love this smell on me
Naoko H on Sep 7, 2018
It is the only perfume I wear
Mike B on Sep 5, 2018
Guest D on Sep 1, 2018
I’ve worn various No19 products for years in the summer. I feel it defines me. I move to Coco in Fall. Lately I took an occasional side step to Boy scent which is marvelous.
Guest E on Aug 30, 2018
Because it is Coco Chanel's birthday tomorrow.
Jackson S on Aug 18, 2018
I’ve been wearing it a few years now and as my husband says, “it’s part of me.” My grandmother always said a woman should have a scent the people she’s close to would associate with her and she helped me pick this years ago after I tried several fragrances. I think of her when I put it on and it makes me happy. My kids like it too and if I have to be gone from them they like me to spritz a blanket or shirt and leave it for them to snuggle with
Guest A on Jul 25, 2018
When my mother graduated high school, she got Chanel no 19 as a gift from her beloved uncle to celebrate her becoming an adult. Now, she will be turning 60 as of this year, and my sister and I hope that she loves it just as much as the first time she got her gift.
Guest H on Jul 22, 2018
I have worn No19 for years and always get compliments on it. I love it!
Maria A on Jul 8, 2018
Love this scent....I've enjoyed wearing it for several years...would appreciate a small purse size to take on the go!
Glenna C on Jul 6, 2018
I love how it smells on my body.
Wyvonne H on May 29, 2018
I love it. Ever since 1971 I have been using it when I first tried it in Nice.
Margot H on May 22, 2018
It's been my scent for 35 years.
myra s on May 22, 2018
Love the fragrance
Cecelia W on May 20, 2018
No 19 is a glorious fragrance! I love the parfum and decided to add the EDP to my collection as well. No. 19 is a fragrance that evokes happiness while being so warm and seductive. It brings many compliments. I feel so good wearing it. I've tried many Chanel fragrances. No 19 wins out -- along with the AMAZING No. 5. (I wear No 19 more in the Spring and Summer, and No. 5 more in the Fall and Winter.)
Erin P on May 19, 2018
I love this parfum and have used it for 30 years. I get quite a few compliments. Difficult to find other than on-line at your Chanel site.
Lilly T on Sep 8, 2019
I have always loved 19. Cannot find it in my home town any longer. Although not my husbands favorite, it's mine. A must have!
Guest O on Aug 2, 2019
What is the total exact notes in it? And what is the difference between N19 edt and edp?
Gulia A on Aug 26, 2017
BEST ANSWER: No. 19 Eau De Parfum contains May Rose, Iris, and Galbanum notes within the fragrance. The difference in the No. 19 Eau De Toilette fragrance and the No. 19 Eau De Parfum fragrance lies in the concentration of essences. The order of highest to lowest concentration is first Parfum, second, Eau de Parfum, third, Eau de Toilette, and fourth Eau de Cologne.
IRINA D on Jun 19, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Originally created as Gabrielle Chanel’s signature fragrance, and named for her August 19 birthdate, N°19 expresses a rich, assertive blend of green and white flowers. True to the original, this unique fragrance remains resolutely modern, boldly sophisticated but ultimately sensual and feminine.
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I've loved Chanel No.19 since I was in my 20's & I'm in my 50's now. Ughh! Anyway I got this for my son's girlfriend who turned 19 on August the 19th, 2019. She loved it of course.
August 27, 2019
3 weeks ago
First Name
This was a blind buy based on reviews, and I'm happy I did, this is very green and fresh , and a little powdery. Great for summer!
July 29, 2019
1 month ago
First Name
Love the scent!
Perfect for spring/summer!
July 25, 2019
1 month ago
First Name
Timelessly classic and intoxicating. I always come back to No 19. It is a lasting fragrance that truly does somehow lift spirits. Perfect for the warm summer months; in the winter I switch to Coco. This was my first experience purchasing direct, I will do so exclusively from now on. What an absolute joy it was to receive my purchase.
July 1, 2019
2 months ago
First Name
I loved the experience, and I was blown away by the packaging and details. I’ve always loved veviter based scents, and this scent is timeless. I wear it for negotiations at work, and for nights. I love how it mellows without becoming overpowering. Only a little is needed to help seize the day, with a refreshing up later in the day. This one is a signature fragrance for me.
June 20, 2019
3 months ago
First Name
What an absolute joy to wear this fragrance again! Truly a lovely
light scent that just lifts my mood!
May 29, 2019
3 months ago
First Name
I like everything - wonderful parfum, perfect packaging, fast delivery. Thank you very much!
May 18, 2019
4 months ago
First Name
get always a lot of compliments when wearing Chanel # 19
May 17, 2019
4 months ago
First Name
The fragrance smells delightful!
May 17, 2019
4 months ago
First Name
This fragrance is fresh but a little spicy. It is long lasting.
May 12, 2019
4 months ago
First Name
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