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3.4 FL. OZ.

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Named after the mythological Greek giant who was invincible only as long as his feet remained on the ground, ANTAEUS is an intense yet subtle, smooth and rich fragrance that tells the story of a hero both virile and vulnerable. An aromatic, leather-accented scent—the symbol of a powerful, sensitive masculinity.


A striking alchemy of fresh lavender and a rare and complex leather accord, heightened with woody and spicy notes. Its spirited, intriguing trail is enriched with accents of cistus labdanum, clary sage and Indonesian patchouli.


The Eau de Toilette comes in a spray for a more generous application.



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3.4 FL. OZ.

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CHANEL 92 200 Neuilly-sur-Seine




Overall rating4.9

150 reviews

  • Jacob 09/08/2023
    Rating 5

    Purchase date: 08/27/2023

    I love this scent. A lot of reviews I read painted this as a fragrance for an older gentleman. And while it does have a classic timeless quality to it. with notes of leather, spices and woods. It also has a smooth flora and lavender scent that develops as you have it on. It shouldn't be labeled for a specific age group. It shouldn't be labeled at all. Pure fragrance mastery.

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  • Dalton 08/17/2023
    Rating 5

    Purchase date: 08/05/2023

    awesome, very yummy, I bought for my son, he loves it, no department store in Utah, USA, carries it though. Smells amazing. My son loves it. ( he is an adult)

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  • Chanel client 08/06/2023
    Rating 5

    Purchase date: 07/18/2023

    According to my husband, Antaeus is Antaeus. He loves this product and I love the samples. I received Chanel No 5 and Jersey.

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Why did you choose this?
Used this fragrance before.
Jim L on Sep 20, 2023
... Antaeus, 40 years of excellence!
Gerald L on Aug 15, 2023
Used this fragrance before.
Jim L on Sep 20, 2023
Always was on my fragrance bucket list and it's here at a great price.
Parrish C on Aug 30, 2023
... Antaeus, 40 years of excellence!
Gerald L on Aug 15, 2023
I have been using it since I was teenager it's the best
Amin M on Aug 13, 2023
I love Antaeus for years I used to purchase at Macy's but they discontinued it and I could not find it any where now that I can get it again I will be buying it every chance I get.
Nathaniel B on Jul 23, 2023
Bening using this products for along time just love the way it smell and get lots of Compliments !!!
Thomas P O on Jul 9, 2023
I've had it previously and it always gets positive reactions from my wife and others. And it's different so that it stands out.
Peter M on Jul 6, 2023
Used this before and could not find it in a store. Love the scent.
LALLU A on Jul 2, 2023
It has been one of my 4 go to eau de Toilette choices for years. It is also the one I get asked about most often!
IAN B on Jun 18, 2023
My father can be picky with fragrance but this one is by far his favorite! It smells good and it is long lasting!
Guest R on Jun 13, 2023
I've used Antaeus since it was first introduced in 1981. It is my signature scent. That's 42 years now.
William R M on Jun 7, 2023
I have worn this fragrance since it was launched in 198. I was a junior in high school. Hands down my favorite fragrance... I wear nothing else! I would love if the après-rasage were available again or a light lotion with an spf of 20. Please relaunch this fragrance with an expanded offering. It will be a huge success the second time.
Guest O on Jun 5, 2023
I’ve been wearing this scent since the early 1980s. I’ve always loved the way it compliments my body chemistry. I frequently receive compliments from others when I’m out whether day or evening…
Guest R on May 21, 2023
My husband has been wearing this scent for years and we both just love it.
Guest A on May 12, 2023
I have used Antaeus for the past 39 years. Starting in Europe and now in the USA. Impossible to find at retail stores in the USA. The product is outstanding! Thank you.
Drenth M on May 10, 2023
I'm using this parfume from 1988, is the best for my skin
Guest T on Apr 26, 2023
I have been using Antaeus for almost 30 years. It is no longer available at retailers, I used to purchase it at Bloomingdales. I will now buy it from you online and I am kindly asking you not to discontinue this product. Thank you.
Stephan T on Apr 18, 2023
I have worn Antaeus since it hit the market when I was in High School. There's nothing quite like it. It is difficult to find. I wore Bleu for several years,starting when it came out, but I have returned the last three bottles of Eau de Parfum for lack of fragrance. No one could smell it. I'm so glad that I thought to go to the source for Antaeus--directly to Chanel. Saks and Neiman's don't carry it anymore.
David P on Apr 4, 2023
I have worn this cologne for over 30 years noiw. As the price has skyrocketed this will most likely be my last time purchasing this product. I am going to look for more affordable options in the future.
Thomas C on Mar 28, 2023
I have worn this since the 80s. I beg of you to PLEASE bring back the shampoo/soap/shaving foam and more, for this line. PLEASE before I die. Thank you.
CHRIS H on Mar 7, 2023
I always buy Antaeus, and I always look for the best price. I wish price didn't matter but it does.
Guest V on Feb 21, 2023
Because the Antaeus after shave has been sold out for months...
Corey L on Feb 18, 2023
I have used this product for more than 35 years and continue to receive wonderful comments regarding its scent. My wife loves it and continues to favor it over all other fragrances.
J U on Jan 19, 2023
Compliment after compliment great a fragrance it is
Guest E on Jan 8, 2023
Guest A on Jan 7, 2023
Guest A on Jan 2, 2023
My son absolutely loves this fragrance and receives so many compliments when wearing Antaeus but you can no longer purchase in department stores.
Penney T on Dec 30, 2022
Growing up in the 80’s I remember this scent being outstanding. Could turn many heads walking into a room!
Anthony U on Dec 30, 2022
This has been my husband's favorite since we met 32 years ago!!
Lorraine K on Dec 30, 2022
It is subtle and my wife loves it. I have been using it for over 3 decades
Guest H on Dec 27, 2022
My husband’s favorite cologne! He’s been using for years! Only cologne he likes! Loves the scent!
Katherine T on Dec 12, 2022
I have been looking for this fragrance but no one carries it, I was excited to find it on Chanel’s website! It’s a Xmas present for my husband who had been using this for decades.
Guest L on Dec 9, 2022
My husbands favorite cologne.
Valli M on Dec 2, 2022
My husband’s favorite fragrance! TRS become hard to find!
Kristi F on Nov 17, 2022
I loved the way my man smelled wearing this when I met him 30 years ago, and he still smells heavenly today.
Fayette D on Nov 16, 2022
I been my favorite since the early 1980's, I don't anything else.
Guest I on Nov 14, 2022
I am a long time ANTAEUS wearer, over 25 years. It's the best cologne for me, I wear ONLY ANTAEUS. The unique smell, mature, complex, and sophisticated...Nothing comes close.
Steven F. on Nov 13, 2022
Antaeus has been with me for 40 years and still, every time I spray Antaeus on, that wonderful aroma just makes me feel good. There’s nothing like it.
Phil C on Nov 7, 2022
Incredible men’s winter fragrance
Guest A on Nov 2, 2022
I've been buying this fella for decades; wearing Antaeus since the 1980s. No better fragrance has EVER been produced for a man.
TIMOTHY M on Nov 2, 2022
I’ve been wearing this amazing cologne since first given a sample 42 years ago. My wife simply won’t let me wear anything else. All my friends know me by this scent, as synonymous as my name. Memories as a young man given many intimate hugs from numerous women who wanted to know Antaeus first hand, many saying “I’m going to buy this for my boyfriend.” God, I hope this classic never is retired. Memories are best recalled by our five senses, like a song growing up or an old flame’s perfume.
Randon V on Oct 31, 2022
My husband of 22 years is a trades business owner so doesn’t wear this daily. He just ran out so I want to surprise him with his signature date night (date month?!) scent.
Guest I on Oct 13, 2022
I heard that this was a nice fragrance and wanted to give it a try
Guest H on Sep 21, 2022
This was my preferred fragrance back in the 1980’s. I’ve tried finding it in stores without any success. So pleased to see it’s available here. I did find it on Amazon at a much higher price.
JEFFREY W on Sep 8, 2022
I’ve been using this Antaeus for many years it’s become “my smell” my only complaint and it’s a small one is when you get to choose two extra items it’s always been blue that was one of them I think you’re gonna lose out on this one because if I liked blue I would order it since I couldn’t pick it out and smell it I obviously can’t order it thank you is it possible you can throw it in because I didn’t really even want to two things I picked thank you
Richard M on Sep 7, 2022
This is the best. I have bought it for years. I’m glad you made it again since it has been out of stock for a while.
Guest A on Sep 2, 2022
My husband has worn this fragrance for at least 30 years. He loves it, and so do I.
Edith R on Aug 25, 2022
Legendary. Mythical. Powerful. Antaeus by Chanel.
Bryan B on Aug 5, 2022
My husband likes wearing it. Never get any coupons though. Specially with increase of price would really like to get some sometimes.
Valli M on Aug 3, 2022
This is a fragrance that I have used for many years. It has become a part of who I am.
Guest G on Aug 1, 2022
Always was on my fragrance bucket list and it's here at a great price.
Parrish C on Aug 30, 2023
I have been using it since I was teenager it's the best
Amin M on Aug 13, 2023
Does Antaeus come in an EDP ?
Alan M on Dec 12, 2021
BEST ANSWER: Antaeus is currently offered in Eau de Toilette with ancillaries also available.
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Eau de Toilette Spray - 3.4 FL. OZ.