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1.35 FL. OZ.



A gentle, delicate hair mist of the eternal fragrance that leaves behind an elegant, mysterious trail.


Inspired by the smooth harmony of May Rose and Jasmine that composes N°5, the mist was formulated as a light and daring continuation of the N°5 floral bouquet.


Mist over the hair in a halo to extend your N˚5 fragrance ritual.

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Why did you choose this?
What else it there ... clean hair, number 5 mist , and a big smile ....
Guest A on Oct 8, 2019
My wife loves the fragrance and also loves that she can spray it on her hair rather than her skin.
Charles S on Jul 21, 2019
What else it there ... clean hair, number 5 mist , and a big smile ....
Guest A on Oct 8, 2019
I wanted to try something new.
Guest S on Aug 31, 2019
My wife loves the fragrance and also loves that she can spray it on her hair rather than her skin.
Charles S on Jul 21, 2019
Never saw this before in any stores or online. Anxious to try.
Guest I on Jun 3, 2019
I love the the subtle scents of #5
Nicholas L on Apr 5, 2019
I use the hair mist everyday. Love the light scent!
Kathleen M on Mar 31, 2019
I didn’t know No 5 had a hair mist. Can’t wait to try this !
Kimberly H on Mar 12, 2019
I used the hair mist several years ago and LOVED IT! The department stores stopped having it in stock. I just found it again on your website and am thrilled it is available. I wear No. 5 perfume, but this added layer of fragrance is wonderful!
Guest S on Jan 18, 2019
The hair mist is amazing absolutely love Chanel I actually have been wearing Chanel No 5 since I was a teenager and no other scent even comes close! The hair mist is one of my favorite products! ❤️
Guest E on Jan 8, 2019
I Love exclusive hard to find chanel things
Liliana Q on Jan 2, 2019
My mother loves this and we couldn't find it anywhere, so had to come to the source! She will be so surprised and happy on Christmas Day!
Eric R on Dec 18, 2018
it's my daughter's favorite fragrance item
PAT R on Dec 12, 2018
Great gift for someone who already has the parfum and other products.because it is unique and exclusive to online. Receiver will not be as likely to go online and order for herself
Guest O on Dec 9, 2018
My Mom (Christmas gift)... never heard of this product, will be fun for her to try
Guest L on Dec 8, 2018
My best friend has been searching for this everywhere and hasn't been able to find it (she really wants Coco Mademoiselle) but will be thrilled to get this! Merry Christmas!
Guest M on Dec 2, 2018
Christmas present for my daughter in law
Mary T on Nov 9, 2018
From the top of my hair to the tips of my toes... what else is there to say!
Barbara M on Oct 10, 2018
Since I use the other no5 items I thought I would give this a try.
kelley b on Aug 19, 2018
I've always (50 yrs now) worn no. 5 so I would like to try this hair mist to continue my joy of surrounding myself with beauty and class.
Helena C on Jul 21, 2018
For me.
Martha Suarez de T on Jun 23, 2018
She likes No 5
Lowell W on May 7, 2018
It's beautiful and the perfect size for travel!
wendy c on May 1, 2018
light delicate fragrance<br />soft hold<br />true original No. 5 fragrance
Ethel H on Apr 26, 2018
Need not say anymore...can't get enough of #no5
Steffi B on Apr 26, 2018
This is a perfect add on to my Chanel fragrance. I have never tried it but I'm sure it will be just what I want!
Andrea O on Apr 22, 2018
Always use for special ocassiond
Becky C on Apr 20, 2018
Lovely product, I carry it with me everywhere to use during the day... the subtle fragrance is elegant and a joy to experience.
Michelle C on Mar 22, 2018
A subtle way to keep No 5 with me daily without using a stronger scent in the workplace.
Kathleen M on Mar 21, 2018
I love this hair mist. Just found this and one of my favorite things
Patti H on Feb 21, 2018
It has a nice scent
peggy e on Feb 11, 2018
Recommended by another customer.
Alice E on Feb 6, 2018
Lovely hair scent
Judy L on Jan 10, 2018
I love the fragrance and I have the perfume and wanted to try this hair mist. This will be my first time with this produce. So I'll let you know.
Maria G on Jan 9, 2018
I have used it before and like it.
Margaret P on Dec 27, 2017
BARBARA C on Dec 26, 2017
it makes your hair smells good and clean feeling
Lucia C on Dec 23, 2017
works great
robert m on Dec 21, 2017
I must have anything No 5! For 30 years it’s been my favorite addiction. <br />I miss the body satinee so much!
Janet S on Dec 20, 2017
Love this and the soft beautiful scent of No5 on my hair!
Edda A on Dec 17, 2017
Something new
Joylynne M on Dec 17, 2017
I like my hair to smell fresh and Chanel is the perfect smell
Pattie D on Dec 16, 2017
I love the smell and now my hair will enjoy it too!
Michele C on Dec 4, 2017
Am a ‘Chanel Girl’! A little Hair Mist NO 5 sends me off to face the challenges of the day.
Jane S on Nov 29, 2017
Favorite aroma on my hair
Maria C on Nov 27, 2017
My granddaughter wanted this for Christmas.
VEREEN F on Nov 26, 2017
The fragrence is divine. It does not dry out my hair. Every time I wear this in my hair, I get compliments.
Linda S on Nov 13, 2017
This is a gift for my sister she uses it
Lisa K on Nov 12, 2017
First time for Chanel No 5 Hair Mist. I read Q & A and everyone seems to love it.
Violet B on Nov 8, 2017
I buy this regularly for my wife - and have ever since we discovered the product. It leaves a light "No. 5" touch in her hair all day. She loves it. I love it. It makes a great occasional gift or a stocking stuffer for someone who loves Chanel products.
Allan C on Oct 25, 2017
A spray or two in your hair right before you begin to blow dry will make both you and the room you are drying in smell amazing. Not overpowering in the least, instead it is just a light touch of an amazing scent that will last for days in your hair. Truly an attainable luxury.
Anne W on Oct 15, 2017
I wanted to try something new.
Guest S on Aug 31, 2019
Never saw this before in any stores or online. Anxious to try.
Guest I on Jun 3, 2019
Do I apply it on wet hair or dry hair ?
Sherien E on Mar 11, 2019
BEST ANSWER: We suggest misting the N5 The Hair Mist in a Halo as the final step of your hairstyle which may be wet or dry depending on how you are wearing your hair.
Does the hair spray cause drying or fizziness?
Fannie S on Nov 3, 2016
BEST ANSWER: This N°5 THE HAIR MIST is a light and daring application of the N?5 floral bouquet, with smooth notes of Rose and Jasmine and is designed to extend your N?5 perfuming ritual. It should not interfere with your hair products or style.
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This is perfect for travel and non hair washing days, love it, not too strong, no oil feeling, perfect!
October 10, 2019
2 weeks ago
First Name
This mist is not just for hair! I only wear no 5 and this scent is my favorite- lift and pretty and lingers -pure perfection!
September 25, 2019
1 month ago
First Name
I just love this and all Chanel products! My hair smells so luscious. I definitely recommend.
September 4, 2019
1 month ago
First Name
Totally love the hair mist. It is light and smells beautiful. I also use the moisturizer. I get many compliments because it's not too strong.
August 20, 2019
2 months ago
First Name
Wonderful love it
July 17, 2019
3 months ago
First Name
Lovely scent and perfect for a quick refreshening feeling.
June 2, 2019
4 months ago
First Name
This little bottle has the ability to add a tremendous sense of luxury to one’s otherwise typical day.
It quickly turns what would normally be an ordinary shower & blow dry session (or if preferred, even an air drying regimen) into a luxurious experience. Just a few sprays from this little bottle has the power to infuse your hair with a timeless & long-lasting scent. An effect made stronger by the power and heat of the act of blow drying. All the while this classic scent helps to relax your mind & body as it refreshes your spirit from even the longest & most stressful of days. The impact of this is even more evident if your blow drying is done at night near bedtime; a bonus of which is having the most delightfully scented bed linens in which to rest at the completion of one’s day.
April 9, 2019
6 months ago
First Name
Very very small bottle. I love everything Chanel#5. A little goes a long way for a short period of time. I’m happy to have found this treasure.
March 29, 2019
7 months ago
First Name
My boyfriend tells me my hair smells wonderful!
February 1, 2019
8 months ago
First Name
I love this! It is not overpowering, and lasts for days!! No kidding! It stayed in my hair for 2 days, until I washed it again. I wouldnt wear it if you are going to wear another type of perfume though. And my 28 year old daughter loved it too!
January 17, 2019
9 months ago
First Name
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1.35 FL. OZ.

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The Hair Mist - 1.35 FL. OZ.