A bewitching short-film created and directed by Karl Lagerfeld for the 2011/12 Cruise Collection, The Tale of a Fairy stars friends of House including Chanel ambassadress Anna Mouglalis, Amanda Harlech, and models Kristen McMenamy and Freja Beha. “It is a movie about an ill-advised use of money which begins with violence and ends with feeling,” explains Karl Lagerfeld. Below, Anna Mouglalis takes us behind the scenes…

Describe your character?
Anna Mouglalis: A scorned woman, living in her own bubble, melancholic, bored to death by everything surrounding her.

She is touched by grace after an encounter with a fairy – how does the encounter change her?
Anna Mouglalis: The fairy is the grace, the beauty, the Other… She gives my character the desire to open her eyes again, to see the love. My character becomes a completely new person.

How did direction from Karl differ from your experiences with other directors?
Anna Mouglalis: Even though Karl had pictured the whole story in his head before being on set, we discovered it as we were filming, improvising with Karl. He was creating the dialogue in a very playful way as we were going along. Filming with a big team usually makes the work harder but Karl made it feel like there was only us on set.