The number 5 has a special significance for CHANEL. It was Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite number, the name of her first fragrance and our number of recommendations to keep your CHANEL ready-to-wear in its best condition.

    Preserve the elegant lines and sophisticated touch of your ready-to-wear by taking special care when putting on jewelry (e.g., gently pin and unpin a brooch) and using a handbag, so as not to damage delicate materials such as silk, tweed and cashmere. Do not spray fragrance, hairspray or other cosmetics products directly onto your piece.

    Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, artificial light and humidity. Do not allow pieces with contrasting colors and different materials (e.g., fabric and leather) to come into direct contact with each other.

    Always follow the recommended care instructions on the label. Never use a cleaning product or stain remover to remove a stain. Instead, bring your piece to a professional cleaning service as soon as possible. Once the stain is removed, take the plastic cover off and allow your piece to air out before putting away.

    Keep your ready-to-wear in a cool, ventilated area with a cotton garment cover, if possible. Avoid using mothballs, but if you wish to use them, make sure they do not come in direct contact with your piece.

    Your ready-to-wear will naturally change over time depending on how often you wear and care for it. Day after day, it reveals a new aspect of its style and sophistication — as well as yours.

Special Materials


Tweed is a delicate material made up of traditionally woven threads which respect CHANEL’s savoir-faire and excellence. In order to preserve its exceptional character, we recommend that you take great care of it.When you are not wearing your garment, keep it protected in a cover designed specifically for this purpose. If a thread gets pulled despite your precautions, ​please ask your CHANEL boutique for advice.


To preserve the shape of your knitwear, fold the piece instead of hanging it up.

Warp and Weft

Ready-to-wear made of warp and weft (e.g., wool and silk) must be placed on a hanger of a similar shape and size.

Indigo Jeans and Dark Leathers

Certain materials and colors risk bleeding when rubbed together, especially in humid areas. Separate these pieces in your closets and drawers.

Bathing Suits

Immediately after use, rinse your piece in fresh water to remove all traces of salt, chlorine, sand and sunscreen. Dry flat, away from direct sunlight. This will avoid damage to the colors and material.


When transporting a piece with delicate details, avoid folding on the embroidery to prevent damage. Store your piece in its garment cover, ensuring it is not flattened under the weight of other clothes. Use tissue paper and wrapping for additional protection.