The number 5 has a special significance for CHANEL. It was Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite number, the name of her first fragrance and our number of recommendations to keep your CHANEL eyewear in its best condition.

    Do not place your eyewear on top of your head, as this can twist or stretch the frame.

    Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, artificial UV radiation and any shocks that could break or damage your eyewear. Be careful to never place the lenses face down.

    Gently cleanse your eyewear with soap and water. If the frame features fabric, pearl or leather, cleanse only with a soft cloth. Never use solvents, alcohol or abrasive cloths.

    Keep your eyewear in a case, and store it in a dry place with a temperature range of 14°F – 95°F.

    Whether you have CHANEL sunglasses or optical glasses, your eyewear is an important part of your signature style. Day after day, it will adapt to your face and become uniquely yours.