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Spring-Summer 2022

Haute Couture

Suspended, fresh, feminine. Between fantasy and reality, the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2022 Haute Couture collection designed by Virginie Viard expresses an ethereal lightness. Bright, joyful silhouettes float amidst geometric structures in a graphic setting created by Xavier Veilhan. A decor evoking equestrian curves and constructive lines contrasts with airy silhouettes, delicate embroideries and precious flowers.

Highlights from the show

From Charlotte Casiraghi's arrival on a horseback to the bride and the finale of the show HC SS 22 -- Discover the highlights of Virginie Viard's collection for CHANEL in a set designed by Xavier Veilhan, as a tale of friendship and creativity dedicated to the magic of the Haute Couture.

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Capturing the ethereal lightness of the Spring-Summer 2022 Haute Couture collection designed by Virginie Viard, Norwegian photographer Ola Rindal documents a series of silhouettes amidst the graphic decor and diffused lighting imagined by Xavier Veilhan for the show.

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Entranced by the poetry of CHANEL Haute Couture, ambassadors and friends of the House Angèle, Caroline de Maigret, Margot Robbie, Vanessa Paradis, Pharrell Williams and Abd Al Malik reflect on the innate lightness, spectacular craftsmanship and graphic contrasts that punctuate the Spring-Summer 2022 Haute Couture collection by Virginie Viard.

Spring-Summer 2022 Haute Couture Show
Film by Xavier Veilhan

Embodying the harmonies between horse and rider, CHANEL ambassador and distinguished horsewoman Charlotte Casiraghi wears a black tweed jacket on horseback in a short film by Xavier Veilhan, superimposed with Constructivist motifs. A first glimpse at the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2022 Haute Couture collection by Virginie Viard.

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first images by Xavier Veilhan

In a graphic expression of allure, CHANEL ambassador and skilled horsewoman Charlotte Casiraghi reveals drawings and sculptures by the French artist Xavier Veilhan.
In response to Virginie Viard’s invitation, Xavier Veilhan created a visual universe at the crossroads of fantasy and reality – just like the magic of CHANEL Haute Couture.

Photographs by Ola Rindal
Collages by Alexis Bertrand

The visual universe of the CHANEL
Spring-Summer 2022 Haute Couture show

In response to Virginie Viard’s invitation, artist Xavier Veilhan has created the visual universe for the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2022 Haute Couture show at the Grand Palais Éphémère.

For the first time ever, CHANEL has entrusted a contemporary artist to imagine the staging of a show. Part landscape, part garden and part open theatre stage, Xavier Veilhan's project for CHANEL integrates both the catwalk and seating reserved for spectators. This functional layout conjures up images and notions dear to the artist: from the equestrian and canine paths to the architecture of a mini-golf course, from the principle of lightness (inflatable elements) to the use of simple and seemingly modest materials (natural plywood, floor mats, stage risers).

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We also find recurring elements of the artist's vocabulary here, in particular the image of the horse (often present, filmed or represented in his shows), the oversized musical instruments by the Studio Venezia from the French Pavilion at the Venice Biennale (2017), as well as allusions to a modernity that began with the avantgarde of the 1920s. All references that intersect with the world of CHANEL and echo the creations of Mademoiselle Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld and Virginie Viard.

For this project, Virginie Viard and Xavier Veilhan decided to work with the songwriter Sébastien Tellier - who has been close to the designer and the House of CHANEL for many years -, the photographer Ola Rindal, with whom Xavier Veilhan has signed a series of images, and the set designer Alexis Bertrand. Each of them has already been involved with exhibitions, performances and shows by the artist. Charlotte Casiraghi, a House ambassador and an accomplished horsewoman, is portrayed in a film that evokes an imaginary world linked to CHANEL.

These different visual elements, so freely imagined, create an atmosphere conducive to wonderment. The soft and deliberately subdued lighting creates a dreamlike atmosphere, emphasising the beauty of the models and the extreme delicacy of the Haute Couture creations. Resulting from the collaboration between CHANEL Haute Couture and the oeuvre of Xavier Veilhan, this project contributes to making the show a moment of pure aesthetic emotion, translating Haute Couture’s exclusivity and quest for perfection.

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Image Xavier Veilhan

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