Les ateliers Lognon starring Akon Changkou

Filmi İzle

Les Ateliers Lognon,
pleater since 1853

Knife, flat, sunray, Watteau or peacock... Lognon has more than 3,000 Kraft cardboard pleat moulds that look like origami. Some are over one hundred years old; others have just been created - because the Lognon artisans are constantly looking for new pleats, particularly for the CHANEL Creation Studio. Giving shape and movement to the most varied fabrics is a virtuoso skill, a perfectly synchronised four-handed operation that requires physical strength, extreme meticulousness, experience of touch and expert knowledge in the specificities of the textile. Lognon joined Lemarié and the CHANEL Métiers d’art in 2013.

Atelier Montex

Maison Michel

Animasyon: REMEMBERS

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