Lift yout beauty

Highly smoothing and firming LE LIFT skincare brings together performance and nature.

The key active ingredient in their formulas, botanical alfalfa concentrate, is as efficient as retinol** and gentle on the skin.

Composed of up to 96% naturally derived ingredients, LE LIFT works in a targeted way to produce visible results. Skin is smoothed, firmed, and luminous.

**Comparisons of the stimulation of keratinocyte differentiation and proliferation, as well as Type I collagen synthesis – In-vitro tests. Comparison of increase in epidermal thickness – Test on reconstructed skin. Comparisons of smoothing and anti-wrinkle effects – Instrumental evaluation of 21 women after 1 month of use.

Le LiftFluide

Smooth, firm, and mattify your skin
This ultra-high-performance alternative to the cream refines the skin's texture and diminishes shine and the appearance of pores with a new, mattifying fluid formula. Its airy texture is lightweight on the skin, but its benefits are deep-acting. Skin is smoother, firmer, and evenly matte.
Firmer skin (1)
Mattified shine (2)
Appearance of pores (3)
Comfort (4)
(1) Clinical evaluation of 30 women after 1 month of use.
(2) Instrumental evaluation of 30 women, 15 minutes after application.
(3) Clinical evaluation of 30 women, immediately after application.
(4) Self-assessment completed by 30 women, 1 month after application.

Le Lift Soin Lèvres
et contours

Smooth, firm, and plump
A creamy, silky balm texture, whose formula was designed specifically to target the mouth area and smile lines. Botanical alfalfa concentrate is enriched with a complex that stimulates collagen production to nourish contours and plump lips. Wrinkles are smoothed, contours are firmed, lips are plumped, and the smile redefined.
Plumper lips (1)
Smoother-looking lips (1)
Brighter lips (1)
Comfort (2)
(1) Clinical evaluation of 35 women after 2 months of use.
(2) Self-assessment completed by 35 women after 2 months of use.

Le LiftLotion

The first step in the ritual plumps the skin, preserves its barrier function, and ensures optimal levels of hydration. Its formula, composed of 93% naturally derived ingredients, combines advanced technology and gentle action, with botanical alfalfa concentrate and the CHANEL magnetic water complex.

Le Liftcrème yeux

Smooth, firm, and illuminate your eye area. Botanical alfalfa concentrate is enriched with a Phyto-Active complex that acts on puffiness and discoloration, and helps prevent the formation of dark circles. An essential step for firming the eye area and keeping it looking youthful.

Le LiftSérum

Smooth, firm, and fortify your skin. The serum combines the power of botanical alfalfa concentrate and a black peppermint PFA(1) complex, which is as powerful an antioxidant as vitamin C(2), into one formula, composed of 93% naturally derived ingredients. It delivers triple efficacy: an instant tightening effect, intense smoothing and firming action, and fortifying action that targets all of the factors that contribute to oxidative stress.(1) PFA: PolyFractioned Active. A CHANEL-specific process that allows for the creation of ultra-pure cosmetic active ingredients.
(2) In vitro tests

Le LiftCrème

Smooth, firm, and illuminate your skin. Its formula, composed of up to 94% naturally derived ingredients, combines ultra-sensuous textures and highly smoothing and firming performance to smooth wrinkles by 25%(1). Available in 3 textures: light, classic, and rich. Personalized skincare for smooth, firm skin that grows more luminous with each passing day.(1) Instrumental evaluation of 31 women after 2 months of using LE LIFT Cream.

Le LiftFluide

Smooth, firm, and mattify your skin. Apply LE LIFT Fluid, an alternative to the cream, after LE LIFT Serum and just before makeup. To give your skin's matte finish a luminous glow, apply ULTRA LE TEINT.

Le LiftSoin Lèvres et contours

Smooth, firm, and plump. Apply at the end of the LE LIFT ritual, just before makeup. To highlight your smile, apply a liquid lip color whose silky, ultra-fine, glide-on texture make it feel like a second skin: ROUGE ALLURE INK FUSION.