Shield Sunglasses Metal Pink. Lenses: Dark Grey

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Ref.9569 C374/S4, A71585 X01060 L3741

490 €

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Complimentary shipping and returns

100% UVA and UVB Protection CE - Lenses are UV Category Filter 3

Made in Italy

Front view dimensions
  • Lens height 64 mm
  • Frame width 144 mm
Side view dimensions
  • Temple length 120 mm
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  • How can I get a refund from Social Security and my insurance?

  • Social Security and insurance reimbursments depend on local law and personal insurance coverage. CHANEL will provide you with the invoice for your optical frame so that you can take the necessary steps for refunds to which you are potentially eligible. You are responsible for this process.

  • How can I get an invoice for my insurance claim ?

  • CHANEL provides you with an invoice that you can download from your account or directly from the order confirmation email that you will receive after your order has been shipped.

  • Are CHANEL optical frames compatible with all types of lenses?

  • CHANEL optical frames are compatible with all single vision lenses. For progressive lens compatibility, you can refer to the features section of CHANEL optical pages.

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Shield Sunglasses

Pink. Lenses: Dark Grey

490 €

Complimentary shipping and returns