SUBLIMAGE Le Fluide. Its infinite power of regeneration is paired with unprecedented, tailor-made action for a perfect finish and skin texture at all times.

The name of this power? Planifolia PFA.* This active ingredient gem is born from a treasure of the plant kingdom with unique benefits on all signs of aging: the green fruit of Madagascar Vanilla. Crafted by CHANEL, it forms the quintessence of regenerating power. The skin is smoothed and contours feel firmer. The complexion is evened out and glows.

To complement these properties, SUBLIMAGE Le Fluide offers the skin a perfect finish with Zinc PRÉCISPHÈRES™, an exclusive technology patented** by CHANEL Research. Encapsulated in PRÉCISPHÈRES™, Zinc is released exactly when and where the skin needs it in order to mattify shine and tighten pores enlarged by aging and the activity of the skin.

Within the collection of sublime-wear textures, SUBLIMAGE Le Fluide offers the skin the sensation of lightweight freshness. A non-oily “silk chiffon” texture that is rapidly absorbed, leaving a soft, non-sticky finish on the skin.

With its unique anti-aging power, which reveals a perfect skin finish, SUBLIMAGE Le Fluide also makes an excellent base before makeup.

* PFA: CHANEL uses a specific process, Polyfractioning, to create pure, rare and precious ingredients. It takes 105 kg of green fruits to produce 1 kg of Planifolia PFA (PFA = PolyFractioning of Active ingredients).
** International patent application.


Apply morning and/or night to cleansed, makeup-free skin. Use fingertips to apply over the entire face and neck, then smooth features, working from the middle outwards.

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SGD 420*