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When faced with daily environmental aggressors, skin becomes fragile and dehydrated. Imbalanced skin is no longer receptive to the benefits of skincare products. As a first step of the skincare ritual, LE LIFT Lotion is essential to help restore the skin's barrier function and balance so that it can receive the full benefits offered by the LE LIFT products.
LE LIFT Lotion is a gentle fluid with a gel-in-water texture that is perfectly compatible with the skin. It absorbs instantly and provides a sensation of freshness and comfort. On application, skin looks plumper. With continued use, it appears smoother, firmer, and more luminous; its texture looks refined.


- On application:
Skin looks plumper: +14% (1). It is more luminous: +17% (1) and feels more comfortable: +23% (1). It benefits from long-lasting hydration that lasts up to 8 hours (2) as well as a tightening effect: +17% (1).
(1) Self-evaluation completed by 32 women immediately after application.
(2) Instrumental evaluation performed on 32 women 8 hours after application.

- Long-term benefits:
Skin is smooth: +8% (3), firm: +9% (3) and toned: +13% (3) Pores are visibly minimised: -13% (3).
(3) Clinical evaluation performed on 32 women after 1 month of use.


The LE LIFT Lotion formula is composed of 93% naturally derived ingredients.
. Botanical alfalfa concentrate: the signature active ingredient of the LE LIFT range is extracted from an ancestral plant known for its unique remineralising and nourishing properties. It is grown organically France and transformed into an active ingredient in the CHANEL laboratories. Just like retinol, this active ingredient increases collagen I synthesis in the dermis and promotes epidermal renewal.*
*Comparisons of the stimulation of keratinocyte differentiation and proliferation, as well as collagen I synthesis – In vitro tests.
Comparison of the increase in epidermal thickness – Tests on reconstructed skin. Comparisons of anti-wrinkle and smoothing effects – Instrumental measurement on 21 women.
. Magnetic Water complex: Like a magnet, the complex helps attract and retain water molecules. Structured in concentric layers, it melts into the skin for deep hydration and an intense plumping effect. This complex helps deliver active ingredients deep within the skin.


Every morning and evening, apply LE LIFT Lotion after removing makeup and cleansing Using your fingertips or a cotton pad, smooth from the center of the face outwards and over the neck. For even better results, gently pinch the skin along the nasolabial folds, the forehead line, and on the cheeks with the thumb and index finger. Repeat 3 times.
By providing balance, hydration, and comfort, the lotion prepares skin to receive the benefits of subsequent skincare products.
Follow with the other products from the LE LIFT range: the Crème Yeux, the Sérum, and the Crème or Crème de Nuit.

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LE LIFT Lotion has powerful smoothing and firming properties and is the first step of the skincare ritual. It plumps the skin, provides optimal hydration and preserves its barrier function.

The formula, which contains botanical alfalfa concentrate and the CHANEL magnetic water complex, combines innovative technology with gentle ingredients.

LE LIFT Lotion has a fluid, gel-in-water texture that works in perfect harmony with the skin. It instantly absorbs upon application and delivers a pleasant sensation of freshness and comfort.



SGD 122*