Expert skincare that targets the fragile skin on the lips and around the mouth, an area that is particularly susceptible to showing signs of aging. Smoothing, firming, plumping LE LIFT Lip and Contour Care creates a redefined smile. Its formula is ultra effective. Botanical alfalfa concentrate, which is as efficient as retinol* and gentle on the skin, is enriched with a CHANEL-exclusive lip-plumping complex made with hyaluronic acid and an oligopeptide. The soft and silky formula, enriched with jojoba oil and shea butter, comforts lips.

*Comparisons of the stimulation of keratinocyte differentiation and proliferation, as well as Type I collagen synthesis – In-vitro tests. Comparison of increase in epidermal thickness – Test on reconstructed skin. Comparisons of smoothing and anti-wrinkle effects – Instrumental evaluation of 21 women, after 1 month of use.


Lip wrinkles and smile lines are smoothed, contours are firmed, and the smile is redefined. Lips are plumped, hydrated, and ideally prepped for lip color application.
Plumper lips: +26% (1)
Smoother lips: +26% (1)
Brighter color: +19% (1)
Comfort: +36% (2)

(1) Clinical evaluation of 35 women after 2 months of use.
(2) Self-assessment completed by 35 women after 2 months of use.


- Botanical alfalfa concentrate: the extract from an age-old plant, grown organically in the South of France, whose active ingredient is the result of a green biotechnological process. It is known for its unique nutritional and mineral-replenishing properties. It works on two levels, increasing the synthesis of collagen in the dermis and stimulating cell regeneration. It also balances the skin to strengthen its barrier function.

- A lip-plumping complex, composed of hyaluronic acid and an oligopeptide, nourishes skin and stimulates collagen production.
- The formula is enriched with jojoba oil and shea butter to provide the lips with even more comfort. Perfectly compatible with the skin, the naturally derived emollients have nourishing and hydrating properties.


Apply to lips, lip contour, and smile lines at the end of the LE LIFT ritual, morning and night, and throughout the day as needed. It optimises lip color application, making it an ideal makeup base.

To maximise the effectiveness of the skincare, perform the following movements:
On bare skin, before applying the product:

1. To reduce the appearance of wrinkles:
Using the thumb and forefinger, make small pinching movements along the smile lines. Repeat 3 times.

2. To plump and restore color to the lips:
Using the pads of the thumbs and forefingers, pinch along the fleshy part of the lip, beginning in the middle and working out to the corners. First on the upper lip, then on the lower lip. Repeat 5 times.

After applying the skincare product, create a redefined smile:
1-Perform deep smoothing movements along the lip contour using the pads of the forefingers. For the upper lip, start just above the middle of the lip and smooth outward to the corners of the mouth. Continue the smoothing movement upward, and release.
2-Perform this same movement under the bottom lip, starting above the chin and smoothing outward to the corners of the mouth. Push the corners of the lip upward, and release.
Repeat 3 times.

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Smooth, firm, and plump

LE LIFT Lip and Contour Care plumps lips and creates a redefined smile.




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