The Fragrance Trail

“The collection is a journey from the visual identity of the bottle to the imagination the fragrance evokes, from the visible to the invisible, from form to dream.”

— Patrice Leguéreau

N°5 Fine Jewellery collection brooch - The Trail

Of all the aspects of N°5, it is the fragrant aura of the woman who wears it that is perhaps the most beguiling. Intangible to the touch and invisible to the eye, the High Jewellery expression of this ethereal aspect demands creative intuition and exceptional savoir-faire, as visual interpretations of the fragrance trail are crafted in gold and diamonds. But it is the emotional gesture of the artist’s hand that translates the experience of perfume on skin into an object of beauty.

N°5 Fine Jewellery collection necklace - The Trail

Awash with colour, these pieces exude the hues of the fragrant juice and the light that it refracts, with golden topaz and yellow sapphires to reflect the olfactory explosion. Pink gemstones reveal the ultimate femininity Mademoiselle imbued within the N°5 fragrance, with blushing rose emulating the persona of a woman. “I always have the N°5 bottle on my desk,” says Patrice Leguéreau, Director of the Fine Jewellery Creation Studio. “When I design, I infuse the air with the fragrance. The perfume inspires me greatly—as does the woman who wears it.”

N°5 COLLECTION The Fragrance Trail

A film about Savoir-faire: The Trail

The presence of this woman is felt throughout the collection, as is the sensuously intimate relationship she has with fragrance and jewellery. Both are worn directly on her skin, applied with care and ceremony. Both are forms of adornment—beautification in self-service, but also for the longing of others. And like the magic that is bottled in the N°5 formula, this collection is an expression of human desire translated into High Jewellery.