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Mademoiselle Privé Seoul displays the "Bijoux de Diamants" collection that was created in 1932 by Gabrielle Chanel. In the original press kit released in the occasion of the first presentation, Gabrielle Chanel stated:
“In my profession, any means is legitimate, provided it is only used in the true spirit of fashion. I started creating costume jewelry because I felt that it was refreshingly free of arrogance, during a period that tended towards ostentatious displays of luxury. This consideration faded into the background during the economic recession, when, in every sphere of life, there emerged and instinctive desire for authenticity, and amusing trinkets were once again put into their proper perspective. If I have chosen diamonds, it is because they represent the greatest value in the smallest volume. And my love of things that glitter has inspired me to try to combine elegance and fashion through the medium of jewelry.“ Paris, 1932