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For over 25 years, CHANEL Research has been studying the characteristics of a youthful-looking face, and in particular the clinical signs related to the youth triangle(1).

This area, located between the high points of the cheeks and the tip of the chin, inverts with age. With the LE LIFT PRO expert skincare protocol by CHANEL, which features three formulas enriched with melipona enzymatic ingredient, facial volume looks visibly redefined and contrast is rebalanced. The youth triangle appears restored.


(1) Study carried out on 6,000 women worldwide.

Le Concentré Contours

Corrects, redefines, tightens.

The first step of the skincare protocol, LE LIFT PRO Concentré Contours, features a tightening formula that combines melipona enzymatic ingredient, a tensing biopolymer, and hyaluronic acid in order to redefine facial contours, reduce the appearance of skin sagging, and deliver all-day hydration.

La Crème Volume

Corrects, redefines, plumps.

The second step of the skincare protocol, LE LIFT PRO Crème Volume, features a soft, silky texture. Its formula pairs melipona enzymatic ingredient with a natural collagen booster in order to plump the skin, smooth deep wrinkles, redefine the appearance of facial volume, and rebalance contrast.

Le Masque Uniformité

Corrects, redefines, evens.

The third step of the skincare protocol, LE LIFT PRO Masque Uniformité, features a jelly texture and combines melipona enzymatic ingredient with niacinamide, which has a preventative and corrective effect on dark spots. Facial volume appears redefined and color contrast is rebalanced, for the look of a restored youth triangle.

A potent active ingredient

In its open-sky laboratory in Costa Rica, CHANEL Research identified an active ingredient with powerful benefits: melipona enzymatic ingredient. Featured in high concentrations throughout the three-step LE LIFT PRO expert skincare protocol, this active ingredient eliminates 99%(1) of devitalized fibroblasts, reduces pigmentation caused by these fibroblasts by 73%(2), and improves the quality of skin's support by a factor of 2.2(3).

(1) In vitro test on senescent skin cells. (2) Ex vivo test. (3) Ex vivo test: improvement in the quality of the extracellular matrix evaluated after 72 hours of treatment with melipona enzymatic ingredient and measured by quantifying blue intensity after staining with Masson’s trichrome.


Retexturizing AHA Peel

Corrects, exfoliates, prepares.

This exfoliating product, inspired by professional facial peels, prepares skin for the three-step LE LIFT PRO skincare protocol and boosts its efficacy.

Formulated with melipona enzymatic ingredient and highly concentrated AHAs, it acts on surface irregularities, for skin that looks and feels like new. Its fan-shaped brush applicator glides gently across the face. The skin's texture is refined(1), the complexion looks more luminous(1), and facial contrast appears rebalanced.

(1) Self-assessment completed by 33 women after 2 months of using LE LIFT PRO Retexturizing AHA Peel.


Le Lift Pro

Retexturizing AHA Peel