Sunset to after-hours

Embrace versatility by transforming your look from dinner to party. Use one set of eye makeup essentials, starting light and then intensifying as the night goes on.

Step 1

Naturally define and shape brows with STYLO SOURCILS WATERPROOF.

Step 2

Brush them through with the internal groomer.

Step 3

Apply the top right taupe shade of LES 4 OMBRES in CANDEUR ET EXPERIENCE all over eyelids using the RETRACTABLE DUAL-ENDED EYESHADOW BRUSH NO 201, making it denser at the lash line and fading it upwards.

Step 4

With the darkest shade at the bottom right of the palette intensify outer, upper lash lines, slightly elongating and lifting the eye shape. Apply MASCARA NOIR ALLURE to top lashes but keep the lower lashes free from mascara for now.

Step 5

Build on the first application to intensify. Accentuate the outer corner of the eyes using the top left brown shade of the same palette. Apply bottom left red shade to the centre of eyelids. Define bottom lashes with MASCARA NOIR ALLURE and add another coat to top lashes, concentrating on the outer corners.


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