Our CHANEL Watches (the “Product(s)”) are manufactured with the greatest care, composed of the highest quality materials and benefit from expertise developed in our Manufacture in Switzerland since 1987. 

The materials as well as the manufacturing standards we use allow our Products to retain their exclusive identity over time, subject to expected conditions of respectful use, and following the care instructions provided for each Product by store associates in CHANEL boutiques, authorised CHANEL retailers and on 

This being said, CHANEL undertakes to provide with each Product a warranty, in the event a repair on the Product is required, subject to the terms and conditions as set out below, or where there is no defect in order, to restore the Product to its original functionalities.  

Our experience of more than 35 years in the care of our Products allows us to provide the services described below subject to the following terms and conditions:   

I. How Long Coverage Lasts

The warranty is valid for 5 years from the original purchase date, upon presentation of the validly dated proof of purchase, sales invoice or warranty card at a CHANEL boutique or one of our authorised CHANEL retailers. 

Effective Date: This warranty applies to Products sold by CHANEL and its authorised retailers as of October 1st, 2022. 

II. What Is Covered

Subject to the disclaimers set forth below, we will endeavour to maintain the right functioning and main cases of use of the watch: 

  • • Check of movement functioning  

  • • Adjustment of the movement, demagnetisation if necessary 

  • • Check of water resistance and replacement of gaskets if necessary 

  • • Check of battery and replacement if necessary   

  • • Check condition of the bracelet and clasp 

  • • Repair of the clasp if necessary to ensure its proper functioning 

  • • Sizing of the bracelet 

  • • Replacement of bars or screws if necessary 

  • • Cleaning of the watch 

  • • Check of rotating bezel and repair/replace if necessary
III. What Is Not Covered

The warranty does not cover damage due to abuse, misuse, fall, impact, use that does not conform to the care instructions provided with each Product by store associates in CHANEL boutiques or authorised CHANEL retailers and on, use of the Product outside of what is normal and expected. 

The warranty does not cover the repair, replacement or restoration of elements due to normal wear and tear, wear to leather, or any element composed of fabric or materials that may be subject to natural alteration due to friction effect, contact with other materials or exposure to external conditions. 

The warranty does not cover repair of damages or replacement due to the use of the Products in a manner not specifically intended by CHANEL for the Product. 

The warranty does not cover repair of damages or replacement due to external events including but not limited to civil unrest, fire, or floods. 

The warranty does not apply in the event of any impossibility to repair or replace the elements described in the II section “What Is Covered”, under reasonable conditions and despite CHANEL’s best efforts to do so.  

The warranty does not cover repair of elements of Products which have been subject to alteration and/or repair by any third party other than CHANEL and its authorised service providers. 

 The warranty does not apply in the event that the performance of the warranty would lead to a breach of any applicable law and/or regulations.

The warranty does not cover any shipping, transit, or return costs or other expenses incurred by the Client.  The Client is responsible for the compliance with the obligations related to the import or export of the Product sent by him/her or, exceptionally, at his/her request, internationally, and in particular for paying the related duties and taxes. The term "Client" refers to any individual making personal use of the Product. 

CHANEL reserves the right to reject a claim under this warranty in case of repeated negligence or neglect of the Product or abusive exploitation of this warranty. 

IV. How To Obtain Service

Within the warranty period and provided that all the other conditions in this warranty are complied with, you may present your validly dated proof of purchase, sales invoice or warranty card to a store associate at a CHANEL boutique or authorised CHANEL retailer to request a service covered by the warranty. 

V. How State Law Applies   

This warranty gives you certain legal rights, and you may also have other rights which may vary from state to state. 

In any case, the present warranty applicable to your Product is the one stipulated specifically for the country where your purchase was made and in the language of that country in compliance with the consumer law of that country. 

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