chanel connects season 2

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The arts & culture podcast

CHANEL Connects, the arts & culture podcast, returns for Season 2, bringing together the most creative and innovative talent from film, art, dance, music and beyond to explore fresh ideas.
Some are old friends, others are meeting for the first time, but all are pioneering game changers across their industries.
Inspired by the heritage of the House to play a role in “what happens next”, and brought together by CHANEL Arts & Culture, CHANEL Connects Season 2 includes eight multi-chaptered episodes with legendary figures such as Maisie Williams, Grimes, Kehinde Wiley, Lil Buck, Honey Dijon, Anicka Yi, G-Dragon and Misan Harriman as they explore new points of view, rethink the future, and reimagine what’s coming next for a new generation.

Chanel connects The art & culture podcast