Originally created for exclusive use at the Ritz Paris Spa, CHANEL massage oils for body are now available for you. Flowers gathered from the CHANEL gardens. Scents that unlock the imagination. Divine textures. Each bottle reveals a bouquet of sensations.

L'huile rose

Delicate, soft.

The rosy, slightly fruity springtime scent blossoms over a woody base with notes of white musk. As fresh as the morning dew in Grasse.

Grasse May Rose

Rosa Centifolia, the 100-petal rose, is grown in the south of France in Grasse, the birthplace of CHANEL fragrances. Intense, disarming and singular, the flower comes from a rosebush without thorns. The season of this fragile rose lasts only one month. The fragrant power of Rosa Centifolia blooms with the dawn and fades when the sun reaches its highest point. Like in a fairy tale, the harvest must take place before the clock strikes noon.

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L'huile jasmin

Luminous, revitalizing.

The floral, sensual and sunny sweetness of Jasmine flower petals unfurls over a soft, musky note and enveloping woody base. The smell of Grasse fields in summer.

Grasse Jasmine

Dazzling under the southern French sun, this immaculately white and star-shaped flower is one of the most precious and delicate of them all. The scent is as full and sensual as a fine pearl. The harvest, which begins at dawn and ends before the first rays of sunlight wilt the petals of the flower, requires extreme dexterity and artisanal precision. The gesture is painstaking, meticulous. Grasse Jasmine blossoms with all of its beauty at the heart of N°5 Parfum.

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L'huile vanille

Delectable, enveloping.

A fresh bouquet evoking Lime Blossoms and Lily of the Valley melts into an accord of sweet Musk and Gourmand Vanilla. Tinged with childhood memories, the sweetness enwraps the body in a delicious cocoon.

Vanilla Planifolia

Among the 117 Vanilla varieties throughout the world, CHANEL selected Vanilla from Madagascar. Renowned for highly regenerating properties, the plant is used as a beauty mask by women on the island. Since 2004, CHANEL has cultivated this precious ingredient in its natural environment. The artisanal harvest respects the plant’s natural cycle. Vanilla Planifolia is the iconic signature of CHANEL SUBLIMAGE skincare.

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L'huile orient

Warm, relaxing, stress-relieving.

A mysterious, floral composition in which spicy Rose accents swirl together with notes of Frankincense, Benzoin and precious Wood. An invitation to enjoy a relaxing moment in a warm atmosphere.


During her first trip to Venice, Mademoiselle Chanel opened the doors to the Far East. The lyrical colours and splendid materials enthralled her. After the love of her life, Boy Capel, passed away, she found comfort in this spiritual atmosphere mellowed by the incense of sacred sites. Known for soothing properties since the dawn of time, Frankincense invites contemplation. The warmth and opulence illustrate the exotic fragrances of the House, which is known for exalting precious raw materials.

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