A new skincare gesture, as simple as it is sublimely effective, to perform anywhere, anytime. During a beauty break, skin appears revitalised, protected and radiant once more; ready to face the intense rhythm of daily life. This beauty accessory comes in a refillable twist and spray format, ideal to slip into a handbag and use whenever needed.
4 x 18 ml


Perfectly protected and re-energised, skin regains its ability to face the intense rhythm of daily life. The sensation of well-being is immediate. Signs of fatigue fade away. The complexion glows with vitality.
Moisturisation: +29% (1)
Plumped skin: +13% (2)
Signs of fatigue: -29% (3)
Radiance: +49% (2)

Tested in aircraft cabin-like conditions, skin remains comfortable and protected even after a 4-HR flight. (4)

(1) Instrumental evaluation of 20 women 30 minutes after application.
(2) Clinical evaluation of 34 women after one month (3 applications per day).
(3) Self-assessment by 34 women after one month.
(4) On 20 women: instrumental evaluation of the condition of the skin barrier and self-evaluation of comfort.


- With its antioxidant power, intense Vanilla Planifolia water enables skin to regain the ability to adapt to environmental stress.
- The combination of three hyaluronic acids, each with different molecular weights, acts on three skin levels to immediately moisturise, plump and smooth wrinkles and fine lines.
- Energising silk tree extract helps to restore the skin’s vitality and helps erase signs of fatigue for a refreshed, glowing complexion.


Use SUBLIMAGE La Brume under or over makeup, for any occasion: while traveling, on a plane, before a dinner party, between two meetings.
- Spray on each side of the face and then on the forehead.
- With hands closed apply light upward pressure with the knuckles on key areas of the face, from the centre outwards.

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