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CHANEL experts answer the most frequently asked questions about the N°1 DE CHANEL beauty line.


What are the effects of the N°1 DE CHANEL line on the skin?

Concentrated with red camellia extract, N°1 DE CHANEL products correct the appearance of the signs of aging in order to keep skin youthful and reveal a healthy-looking glow. Skin appears visibly smoother, younger, and more beautiful.

Is N°1 DE CHANEL suitable for all skin types (combination, sensitive, oily)?

Yes, the products in the line have been clinically tested on all skin types.

Are the products in the N°1 DE CHANEL line scented?

With the exception of the eye care products, all the products in the line are scented with a floral, fruity fragrance that features citrus and red berry accords and a heart of rose, jasmine, and white flowers.

What is the ideal N°1 DE CHANEL beauty routine?

  • The N°1 DE CHANEL essence lotion plumps skin.
  • The N°1 DE CHANEL eye cream smooths the eye area.
  • The N°1 DE CHANEL revitalizing serum keeps skin looking youthful.
  • The N°1 DE CHANEL cream plumps skin.
  • The N°1 DE CHANEL foundation enhances the complexion.
  • The N°1 DE CHANEL serum-in-mist boosts radiance.
  • A complete routine that helps keep skin looking youthful.

Can I use N°1 DE CHANEL at night?

Yes, you can use it during the day and at night.

What inspired the name N°1 DE CHANEL?

The name is a nod to Gabrielle Chanel's interest in numerology, as well as a face cream of the same name that launched in 1975. It was also inspired by the power of red camellia extract, which targets stage N°1 of the skin's aging process.

The red camellia

Why the red camellia?

The camellia blossoms during the winter at extreme temperatures, once it has accumulated and stored all the energy it needs to bloom within its petals. At the heart of these petals, CHANEL Research, which has been studying the flower for over 19 years, sought a revitalizing active ingredient that boosts skin vitality mechanisms by 63%(1) and keeps skin youthful: red camellia extract.

(1) In vitro test measuring a specific expression marker, both in untreated cells and cells treated with red camellia extract.

Which ingredients are derived from camellias?

  • Red camellia extract, which boasts exceptional anti-aging properties and protects the skin from external aggressors, including urban pollution.
  • Red camellia oil, which delivers comfort to the skin and helps maintain its protective barrier function.
  • Camellia water, which provides a feeling of freshness.
  • Camellia yeast extract, which preserves the skin's barrier function for enhanced protection and hydration.
  • Ceramides, which play a key role in keeping the skin hydrated and maintaining its barrier function.

What tests have been performed to prove the effects of red camellia extract?

CHANEL has been studying camellias in its open-sky laboratory, located in the town of Gaujacq in Southwest France, since 1998. In partnership with the Biotechnology department at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, the House discovered the exceptional anti-aging properties of red camellia extract.
As part of the tests performed on red camellia extract, CHANEL Research studied three key markers involved in skin aging:
CDK1 and Lamin B1, which are linked to cellular vitality, and MMP-1, a marker of premature senescence that plays a role in the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers.

The results obtained on the first stage of senescence are nothing short of exceptional. Expression of these markers shows that red camellia extract helps preserve cellular vitality and strengthen collagen and elastin.

The research

What is senescence?

Senescence is the phenomenon of cellular aging. Every cell in the human body divides around 50 times before being eliminated. The distinguishing feature of senescent cells is that they stop dividing without being eliminated by the body. They are also capable of transforming healthy neighboring cells into senescent cells. Over time, they accumulate in the body. In addition to the natural aging process, internal and external stressors can cause cells to become senescent prematurely (pollution, lack of sleep, sun exposure, tobacco use...).
The N°1 DE CHANEL line prevents cells from entering senescence by keep them healthy for longer.

Our commitments

How does the N°1 DE CHANEL line offer an eco-responsible approach to beauty?

Developed using an eco-responsible approach, the N°1 DE CHANEL products are housed in eco-designed packaging that is cellophane-free and made with lighter glass(1). It is also printed with organic ink(3) and contains no paper leaflet. Some packaging components are recyclable(2) (from glass to cardboard) and made with partially bio-based materials. Certain products come in refillable packaging(4).

(1) Reduction in glass weight compared to the average weight of CHANEL jars and bottles of similar capacity, for the eye cream, serum, cream, serum-in-mist, foundation, lip and cheek balm, and L'Eau Rouge.
(2) Recyclability is dependent on sorting and recycling methods, which vary by location.
(3) Obtained through organic chemistry.
(4) For the mask, cream, and rich cream.

Where can I find information about the carbon footprint of the products?

This information is available on each product page under the "Inside the Product" tab. For complete transparency, the composition of both the formulas and packaging is also included here.