ALLURE HOMME SPORT بخاخ مزيل للرائحة

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100 ml

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A composition between freshness and sensuality. Italian mandarin heralds the clean and intense notes of cedar. Sensual and almondy Tonka bean, enhanced by white musk, creates a deep and enveloping trail.

مصادر الإلهام

Allure is a reflection of your personality, your way of being in the world. One of a kind, it cannot be defined, only observed.
ALLURE HOMME SPORT embodies the man who loves a challenge.

فن وضع العطور

The fresh and enveloping notes of the ALLURE HOMME SPORT fragrance are expressed in a full range of shaving and body products. The deodorant spray procures a feeling of freshness and lasting well-being. Ideal for everyday use, it prolongs the trail of the fragrance.

Alcohol-based formula.

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100 ml

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بخاخ مزيل للرائحة - 100 ml

15 KWD