미쉘 고베르(MICHEL GAUBERT)의 쇼 플레이 리스트

2012 봄-여름 레디-투-웨어

1. Curd Duca "Nervous Ride Of The Valkyrie"

2. Plastikman "Snares"

3. Gui Boratto "Strike"

4. Gui Boratto "The Drill"

5. Richard Wagner "Tristan Und Isolde Opera, Wwv 90 Prelude"

6. Richard Wagner "Tristan Und Isolde Opera Wwv 90 Liebestod"

7. Curd Duca "Whistle Tannhauser"

8. Plastikman "Rides And Snares"

9. Florence and the Machine "What The Water Gave Me"


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