Fine Jewellery

1932 Collection



90 years after the debut of the first High Jewellery collection, the CHANEL Fine Jewellery Creation Studio draws inspiration from the timeless Bijoux de Diamants pieces to tell a new tale. 1932 represents a journey beyond time and space, where the movement of the planets and the kinetics of the stars are observed. From the original collection, Patrice Leguéreau, Director of the CHANEL Fine Jewellery Creation Studio, preserves the celestial theme, the purity of the lines and the freedom of the body. The perfect roundness of the diamonds gives the symbols a sense of eternity, enhanced by rays of light that make them sparkle.


Bijoux de Diamants

90 years ago, Gabrielle Chanel introduced Bijoux de Diamants, the first High Jewellery collection. She applied the principles of Haute Couture to the pieces: yellow and white diamonds enhanced by the greatest simplicity, designed to accentuate the movements of the body and the allure of a woman. An audacious approach by a visionary designer.



In 1932, Gabrielle Chanel introduces her first and only jewellery collection, Bijoux de Diamants, breaking with the codes of traditional jewellery. The famous star, the stones fitting the design of the jewel, the word “collection” borrowed from fashion or the use of wax figures for a natural display of the jewels. This vision of jewellery, this daring and this unique creativity are still as present today.


The Savoir-Faire of CHANEL High Jewellery

CHANEL High Jewellery embodies the traditional, French savoir-faire process. Each piece is made entirely by hand, from the initial design sketch by the High Jewellery Artistic Director, to the construction and creation of the piece by the craftspeople in the atelier.