18 pieces pay tribute to the solar system’s most mysterious celestial body, the only one that does not emit light, but reflects it.


“I love everything up high: the sky, the moon, I believe in stars.”

— Gabrielle Chanel

A bib necklace where the moon and a 5-carat round-cut diamond light up the skin with a spectacular halo. A brooch that is a fusion of day and night, where the sun sets a moon and its 6.18-carat marquise-cut DFL diamond ablaze. The LUNE ÉTINCELANTE pieces celebrate the unique light of the moon.

The LUNE TALISMAN pieces feature a delicate moon crowned with a bright star. Light and airy, dancing on a pendant or revealing its opulence on an earring or bracelet. On the ears, its crescents are reinvented as hoops. Vibrant blue tanzanites gently sway on 18K white gold* and round-cut diamond earrings.
*White gold with a thin layer of Rhodium plating for color

In 18K white gold* and diamonds, the halos of the LUNE SILHOUETTE set bathe the skin in an enchanting light. The bracelet shines spectacularly against the wrist. The full moon ring adds sparkle to the hand with its 3-carat round-cut diamond. This stylized celestial body transforms into graphic hoops. On earrings set with round-cut diamonds, the moon radiates along the neck and gives the face an ethereal glow.
*White gold with a thin layer of Rhodium plating for color