chanel connects season 2

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CHANEL Connects藝術與文化播客系列第二季內容非常豐富,雲集電影、藝術、舞蹈及音樂界創意精英交流嶄新意念,無論舊雨或新知皆各領域的改革先鋒。
CHANEL Connects播客系列第二季秉承CHANEL推動及帶領文化藝術潮流的傳統,並由CHANEL Arts & Culture部門籌劃,八集節目嘉賓包括Maisie Williams、 Grimes、Kehinde Wiley、Lil Buck、Honey Dijon、Anicka Yi、 G-Dragon 及 Misan Harriman等重量級人物參與討論,探討新觀點、構想未來以及下一代將會面對的文化潮流局面等。

Inspired by the heritage of the House to play a role in ”what happens next”, and brought together by CHANEL Arts & Culture, CHANEL Connects Season 2 includes eight multi-chaptered episodes with legendary figures such as Maisie Williams, Grimes, Kehinde Wiley, Lil Buck, Honey Dijon, Anicka Yi, G-Dragon and Misan Harriman as they explore new points of view, rethink the future, and reimagine what’s coming next for a new generation.

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