J12 TURNS 20

20 years of surprise, 20 years of reinvention, 20 years of being a companion for every second.


    "When I was 20, there was no difference between dreams and reality. I was living my dreams."

    Claudia’s life changed overnight when she was discovered in a nightclub in 1987. Her career took off from there. She graced magazine covers and starred in fashion shows, becoming a symbol of the 1990s. As a CHANEL fashion ambassador and the face for CRISTALLE fragrance and CHANEL Watches, she has formed a close bond with the House.


    "If I could relive one second from the past 20 years, maybe the moment that I got to be the bride in the CHANEL show a couple of years ago."

    A rising film star, Lily-Rose grew up with CHANEL. Her story with the House began when she attended the Métiers d’Arts runway show in New York City with her mother—a symbolic moment. She then became the face for N°5 L’EAU and an ambassador for CHANEL makeup.


    "20 years in just one second: colorful."

    A supermodel of the 1990s, Naomi is a legendary fixture of the CHANEL runway and an icon of the fashion world. She uses her status to support humanitarian causes, including women’s rights and the fight against discrimination.


    "20 years is not enough to do all the things I want to do."

    A legend of American cinema, Ali started out as an assistant to photographer Melvin Sokolsky before becoming the face for N°5 in 1965. The campaign launched her acting career, during which her grace, effortlessness and simplicity made her an icon. A free, socially minded woman, she embodies the CHANEL vision of beauty.


    "20 years is too short to love each other."

    An artist of multiple talents, Vanessa made a name for herself in music before entering the world of film. She starred in various roles alongside the biggest names in the industry. In 1991, she became the face for COCO fragrance in a film by Jean-Paul Goude. As a muse and an ambassador of the House, her love affair with CHANEL has spanned more than 30 years.


    "For me, 20 years is never too long for anything."

    Liu dreamed of being a model. She decided to try her luck in Beijing, becoming the first Asian top model to make it in the fashion world and land the cover of American Vogue.She has been an ambassador of the House since 2017.

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    "When I was 20 I dreamed of becoming a good actress. For me, it means being an actress who is trusted by the public."

    Kim is part of the new wave of South Korean film. She made her big screen debut in 2012 with her critically acclaimed performance in A Museand has continued to star in numerous dramatic roles in film and television. She became a CHANEL ambassador in South Korea in 2019.

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Simple shapes. Enduring materials. Precise colors. J12: allure on the inside that shows on the outside.

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