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Beyond watchmaking, this is a tribute to the artistic craftsmanship of jewellery and fashion.

Mademoiselle Privé Bouton

\u0022This watch is inspired by the sleeve of the iconic CHANEL little black jacket, always braided and punctuated with a button. To highlight this time-telling jewellery piece, tweed and quilted leather are fitting choices. As Gabrielle Chanel said, “There can be no button without a buttonhole”\u003b here, the button preserves its opening and closing function.\u0022

H7068 Mademoiselle Privé Bouton

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Inspired by the button, a signature of CHANEL style, this secret watch hidden inside a ring can be worn on the finger.

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Mademoiselle Privé Coromandel

The Coromandel screen motifs and the symbols that were dear to Gabrielle Chanel are reproduced on these watches in sculpted gold or in a glyptic. Sculpted gold lends infinite lightness to the motifs, while the glyptic (the art of carving semi-precious gemstones) is created with either a raised or sunken design, thus giving the stunning dials of the Mademoiselle Privé collection watches unique depth and realism.

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Coco Chanel becomes a timepiece with the IT’S COCO O’CLOCK collection. A selection of exceptional watches that marry the technical and the creative with a fun reinterpretation of Mademoiselle’s silhouette.

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Inspired by the decor of Gabrielle Chanel’s apartment at 31 Rue Cambon, these transformable pieces pay tribute to her creativity. Treasured objects are twisted into unique decorative elements. The gildings and the black accents of her apartment become the yellow gold and onyx, subtly combined by the Design Studio.

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Born under the sign of Leo, Gabrielle Chanel made the powerful, majestic lion her protector. In 2018, the MONSIEUR collection was centred around two exceptional pieces designed by the CHANEL Creative Studio: the Chronosphere Clock and the Pocket Watch.

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H5822 SPECIAL-EDITION MONSIEUR pocket watch additional view