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SUBLIMAGE La Crème Yeux is an exceptional complete eye care product enriched with Vanilla Planifolia.
Polyfractioned Vanilla Planifolia is an exclusive CHANEL ingredient* that has a 40 times higher concentration of active molecules than the raw plant material.
The formula's star active ingredient, it increases cellular rejuvenation threefold.**
SUBLIMAGE La Crème Yeux acts on the look of all the youth parameters, which have been identified by CHANEL Research, for a comprehensive effect on: hydration, comfort, wrinkles, structure, uniformity, strength, and radiance. This enveloping cream smooths the appearance of and illuminates the delicate eye area. Enhanced, brightened and rested-looking, the eye area appears transformed.
SUBLIMAGE La Crème Yeux comes in new packaging that houses a refill. Designed in collaboration with a major French glassmaker renowned for its expertise in the craft, its polished glass jar is refillable.

*Patented in Europe, Japan, and the United States.
**Ex vivo test conducted on active ingredient.


- Polyfractioned Vanilla Planifolia: Identified by CHANEL in 1995 and selected from among more than 117 varieties of vanilla due to it being extraordinarily rich in polyketones, Vanilla Planifolia is grown and harvested at the CHANEL open-sky laboratory in Madagascar.
Vanilla polyfractioning is a specific technique developed by CHANEL. This process involves performing an extraction to obtain polyfractioned Vanilla Planifolia, which is rich in polyketones and has a 40 times higher concentration of active molecules than the raw plant material. This active ingredient increases cellular rejuvenation threefold.*
- Éphémères of Planifolia: this precious ingredient enhances the effects of polyfractioned Vanilla Planifolia and lends its rejuvenating power to the eye area.
- The Sublime Eye Complex: exclusive to SUBLIMAGE eye care products, it reveals beautiful eyes by stimulating microcirculation, smoothing the skin around the eyes, and visibly diminishing dark circles and puffiness.

*Ex vivo test conducted on active ingredient.


Use SUBLIMAGE La Crème Yeux every morning and evening. Apply a rice grain-sized amount of cream to the skin around the eyes.
Perform LE GESTE BEAUTÉ DU REGARD to smooth, illuminate and open up the eye area:
1. THE LIFTING TECHNIQUE: on the upper eyelid, perform smoothing movements with your index finger, then your middle finger, lifting the skin upwards from the crease of the eyelid and working from the inner corner of the eye outwards. Repeat two times, then perform the same movement on the other eye.
2. THE SMOOTHING TECHNIQUE: on the crow's feet, perform smoothing movements with one finger, then the other, working from the outer corner of the eye towards the temple. Repeat two times.
3. THE ANTI-DARK CIRCLE TECHNIQUE: below the eyes, perform long, gentle smoothing movements with one finger, then the other, starting on the outer third of the eye and working outwards. Repeat on the same area, moving slightly closer to the inner corner of the eye with each subsequent stroke.

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