N°5 eau première

The Airy N°5

N°5 EAU PREMIÈRE shares its olfactory signature with the iconic original.

The jasmine notes of the floral bouquet are worked with transparency to reveal ylang-ylang from the Comoros.


In 1921, Coco Chanel decided to create a fragrance unlike any other.

"A woman's perfume with the scent of a woman."

To fulfil her request, perfumer Ernest Beaux broke with the traditional codes of perfumery and presented her with an olfactory revolution.

A daring fragrance, an opulent, abstract, mysterious bouquet with no dominant notes. A radical change with the unprecedented use of aldehydes.

Gabrielle Chanel gave it a name like a code.


In 2008, Jacques Polge, CHANEL nose since 1978, decided to offer a more luminous interpretation of the fragrance with the creation of N°5 EAU PREMIÈRE.


To house N°5, Gabrielle Chanel chose a simple laboratory bottle. A minimalist design that would highlight the fragrance.

Its stopper, cut like a diamond, was inspired by the shape of Place Vendôme in Paris.The lines of the now-iconic bottle have remained practically unchanged since its creation.