Photographed by Inez & Vinoodh

The classic bag,
the emblematicAllure of CHANEL

Timeless elegance

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Directed by Sofia Coppola

An ally to everyday life,

passed on as a precious heritage

the double c clasp,

a timeless signature

‘Tired of holding my bags in my hands and losing them, I Added a strap and wore them over my shoulder.’

Gabrielle Chanel

A metal chain interlaced with leather

The purity of the lines highlights the

‘diamond’ quilting,

An evocation of the world of horses dear to Gabrielle Chanel

‘‘The 11.12 bag bears witness to the spirit and fantasy of its creator.’’


‘‘This bag is just very chic, elegant, very feminine. When I wear it I feel effortless and powerful.’’

Imaan Hammam

‘‘With all the history it carries inside, it represents more than a bag: it’s like carrying Paris on your shoulder.’’

Zoé Adjani

‘‘It has always been ‘the’ bag. It represents elegance and French women. The 11.12 bag has always been symbolic for me.’’

Iman Perez


See the Film

Directed by Sofia Coppola

A couturière’s bag, imagined like a Ready-to-Wear creation

The body and the base are combined using the ‘bag in the bag’ technique

A first bag is mounted to make the interior

Then a second for the exterior

‘The inside should match the outside’, as stated by Gabrielle Chanel

Classic Handbag

2.55 Handbag