The number five has a special significance at CHANEL: Gabrielle Chanel's favourite digit, the name of our first perfume, and our number of recommendations to keep your CHANEL garment in best condition.

    Jacket, dress, knitwear, trousers, blouse... preserve the elegant lines and sophisticated touch. Get in the habit of not spraying any perfume, hairspray or other cosmetic products directly onto the piece of clothing. Certain materials, such as silk, artisanal tweed and cashmere, among others, are intrinsically delicate. Be careful not to damage them with your jewellery (for example, gently pin and unpin a brooch), handbags or by using them inappropriately, such as by pulling on the material.

    In order to preserve the colours, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or artificial light. Also, do not expose your clothing to humidity for an extended period. Do not allow clothing in contrasting colours (light and dark) or different materials (fabric and leather) to come into contact when stored in your wardrobe.

    It is important to always read and follow the recommended care instructions on the labels. If you stain your piece of clothing, do not use any cleaning products or stain remover. Drop it off at a professional cleaning service as quickly as possible and tell them the type of stain, if possible. After dry cleaning, take the item out of the plastic cover and let it air well before tidying it away.

    Store your item in a cool and ventilated area, and in a cotton cover if possible. Avoid using naphthalene. However, if you wish to use it, make sure that it does not come into direct contact with the clothing.

    Your piece of clothing will change over time depending on how often it is used and the way in which you care for it. Day after day it will reveal a new aspect of its style, and of its sophistication... and yours.

Product characteristics


Tweed is a delicate material made up of traditionally woven threads which respect CHANEL’s savoir-faire and excellence. In order to preserve its exceptional character, we recommend that you take great care of it.
When you are not wearing your garment, keep it protected in a cover designed specifically for this purpose. If a thread gets pulled despite your precautions, ​please ask your CHANEL boutique for advice.


To protect the shape of your knitwear, it is preferable to fold it. It must not stay on hangers.

Warp and weft

Clothing made of warp and weft (wool, silk...) must be hung on a hanger adapted to their shape in length and width. This way, they will not lose their form.

Indigo jeans, dark leather...

Certain materials and colours risk bleeding when being rubbed, especially in humid areas. It is important to separate them in your wardrobes and drawers.

Bathing suit

After wearing your item, remember to rinse it immediately with fresh water to wash out salt, chlorine, sand or any cosmetic product. This will avoid all damage to the colours and/or material. Once you have done this, let it dry flat and out of direct sunlight. Do not fold your bathing suit if it is still wet.

Embroidered pieces

The embroidery on your clothing is among the most delicate details. When transporting it, avoid folding on the embroidery. This way, you will not risk damaging it, marking the cloth or breaking the threads, sequins or other elements. Store your embroidered clothing in its cover, place it flat, ensuring it is not weighed down by other clothes. Do not hesitate to add tissue paper to protect the shape and embroidery.