Sales guarantee

A five-year warranty is offered from the date of purchase for every watch or timepiece creation acquired from October 2022 onwards.

Subject to proper use, this warranty applies to the replacement of any parts or any necessary repairs on CHANEL watches or timepiece creations to ensure they continue to function properly.

The warranty is only valid upon presentation of proof of purchase at a CHANEL boutique or authorised retailer.

CHANEL advisors are available to answer any questions you may have regarding this warranty.

Repair guarantee

This guarantee is applicable when your watch needs to be repaired. The repair, carried out exclusively in a CHANEL watchmaking workshop or a watch workshop authorised by CHANEL, is guaranteed for 24 months, subject to relevant laws or regulations where applicable. This repair guarantee is independent of the Authenticity Certificate and the CHANEL International Guarantee that are issued at the time of purchase.

This repair guarantee excludes:

  • Damage caused by accidents or by misuse of the watch (violent shocks, crushing, rough handling of the clasp, etc.)
  • Damage caused by any repair or disassembly that is not carried out by a CHANEL Boutique, an authorised CHANEL retailer or a watch workshop authorised by CHANEL.
  • Wear and tear resulting from the normal use and ageing of the watch.
  • Leather straps, given the specific nature of these items.

This guarantee only becomes applicable on presentation of the CHANEL Repair Guarantee Card, duly completed, dated and signed by the CHANEL watchmaking workshop or by a watch workshop authorised by CHANEL. This card is returned to you with your repaired article.


Developed and assembled in the CHANEL watchmaking workshops at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, CHANEL watches contain components that meet the most demanding technical quality standards of Swiss watchmaking.

Only products purchased in a CHANEL boutique or in an authorised CHANEL retailer are guaranteed to be authentic. Similarly, only authentic CHANEL watches will be repaired.

Stolen watches

In the event that your watch is stolen, please contact a CHANEL boutique or authorised CHANEL retailer.

CHANEL & moi

CHANEL & moi offers bespoke services and advice to help you preserve the exceptional quality of your watch.

Visit a CHANEL boutique to register your watch and create an account.

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