Métiers d'Art 2020/21

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The Château de Chenonceau breathes its history and its mysteries into the CHANEL Métiers d’art 2020/21 collection, imagined by Virginie Viard with the support of the savoir-faire of CHANEL's Métiers d'art, including Lesage, Montex, Lemarié, Lognon, Goossens, Maison Michel and Massaro.

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Modern silhouettes

Golden arabesques,
embroidered by Lesage

a play of proportions

A Renaissance spirit

Harmony of Floral prints on denim and embroideries by Montex

Magnetic silhouettes in inky black

echoes of the castle’s tapestries

BLACK LEATHER Boots made by massaro elongate the allure

A play of layering

Precious cuff bracelets of an absolute sophistication

An ode to refinement

Evocations of the château de chenonceau’s façade embroidered by montex

Romantic transparency with hints of rock

The lightness of featherwork
by lemarié

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the maisons d’art ateliers as seen by Juergen teller


The campaign

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