In the sagacity of cities, the plenitude of open spaces or the daydream of a villa, CHANEL ambassadors Whitney Peak, Margaret Qualley, Lily-Rose Depp and JENNIE play the game of autobiographical fiction. Like a page of a diary written in an affable, imaginary ink, they tell their stories, and ours.

On their arm, the CHANEL 22 bag, a genuine ally for daily life captured by Inez & Vinoodh through four films.

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All around JENNIE, K-pop icon whose fame whips up crowds and stirs hearts, everything sparkles. The paparazzi flashes and the lights on stage, all reveal the speed and effervescence of her daily life.

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“my first solo came out when I was 22 and we started our new world tour with blackpink in 2022. To me, 22 means a new beginning.”


From the kiss of dawn to the rays of a setting sun in Los Angeles, Lily-Rose Depp personifies the privilege of youth, when clocks do not have the monopoly over time.

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“I feel like I could bring this bag anywhere! To work, to stroll around alone, to sit and read in a park, on a date, even to the beach!”


Between city wanderings and trips out with friends, Whitney Peak adopts a carefree and loquacious attitude as she walks around New York.

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“This might be my favourite CHANEL bag so far. I'm a huge fan of functional pieces and tend to travel with my life in my bag.”


Echoing her childhood in a ranch in Montana, Margaret Qualley escapes to the desert, the ideal setting for a reunion with nature.

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“The CHANEL 22 bag is a perfect example of Virginie viard’s natural ability to create pieces that empower women. This is a bag that accommodates a woman’s every need.”

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