Six inspiring voices,
interviewed by CHANEL

N°5, 100 Years of Celebrity

N°5 did not just transform the world of perfumery.
It inspired a generation of innovators, changemakers and disruptors. It became a cultural icon itself. Six inspiring voices from the worlds of film, academia, media, and dance reflect on the under-explored phenomenon of celebrity. Discover how the next 100 years of celebrity will continue to shape creativity, culture and society.

“The greatest kind of celebrity is that which stands the test of time. It is based on creation, the way in which we share what we create, the way in which we share who we are.”

Marion Cotillard

Celebrated Academy Award-winning actress Marion Cotillard is the House ambassador of N°5.
“I wanted to inspire the kids in Memphis. Street dance is contemporary, it is fine art.”

Lil Buck

Jookin dancer
An innovative movement artist and choreographer who popularised the street dance form, jookin, at just 13 years old.
“Right now, probably under 100 people worldwide will be remembered in 50 years.”

Graydon Carter

Former Editor, Vanity Fair, and Founder, Air Mail
Carter has overseen some of the most iconic stories shaping celebrity culture for the past 25 years at Vanity Fair, and more recently at Air Mail.
“An Etoile never burns out because she creates her own light.”

Marie-Agnès Gillot

Prima Ballerina
Distinguished ballet dancer and choreographer Marie-Agnès Gillot is the first in-house female dancer to choreograph for the Paris Opera Ballet and the youngest-ever dancer to have joined the Paris Opera Ballet’s corps de ballet at just age 15.
“What we need is more female celebrities who fully understand that popularity and social responsibility are on equal footing.”

Hung Huang

Writer and Blogger
A champion of women’s empowerment and an advocate of the Chinese fashion industry, Hung Huang is one of the most influential and groundbreaking media figures in China.
“Famous people are becoming not so different from us, and everyday regular people are becoming famous.”

Laurie Santos

Psychologist and Professor at Yale University
An expert on human cognition, its origins and the evolutionary biases that influence our life choices, and the professor of Yale’s most popular course in over 300 years: Psychology and the Good Life.
100 years
of celebrity