Chanel's artistic director has gone back to school. For two hours, the man who ended his studies at age 16 "because he did not have enough time" spoke to an enthusiastic audience, composed of students and personalities in the Grand Amphitheater at Sciences Po, the prestigious Paris University. Hosted by Frederic Mion, the director of IEP Paris, Karl Lagerfeld presented his outstanding destiny with sincerity, subtlety and humor. "The sketcher" as he describes himself, explained the importance of knowledge in his life, "You must know everything! There are so many things to do, to read, to learn… I fight for the 48-hour day!" Karl Lagerfeld shared his view of creation, "My vision follows the times and I also change with it. To never have a fixed position in fashion is essential. We must adapt to the evolution of time, and not vice versa." He reminds the audience of his motto: "There's no credit for the past." The audience is attentive, and the tweets are published as quickly as the accurate speech of the designer.

On the occasion of this conference, Karl Lagerfeld shared some information about the upcoming Métiers d'Art 2013/14 fashion show, which will take place in Dallas on December 10th. The choice of the American city is "a tribute to the United States, the only ones who supported the return of Gabrielle Chanel in 1954 in Paris." He also stressed the importance of métiers d'art – which will be highlighted at the show – and those who perpetuate the excellence of French savoir-faire: "I deeply admire those who have the patience to work one thousand hours on an embroidered piece. As I, myself, don't have any!" After sharing his biggest regret," to not know how to play the piano," Karl Lagerfeld gave the younger generation some valuable advice: "Everyone has to find their path. No generalization." 

Karl Lagerfeld, Francoise-Marie Santucci and Frederic Mion

Photo by Olivier Saillant