Over one hundred portraits, each shines with its own appeal, and the one recurring star of the show is none other – Chanel’s little black jacket.

If there’s one omnipresent theme in everybody’s interpretation of the little black jacket, it would be freedom. Suitable for both genders, marvelous on any occasion or style, it gives people the freedom to explore their own styles and thus the freedom to enjoy fashion. Through the all-seeing lens of Karl Lagerfeld and the imaginative styling of Carine Roitfeld, The Little Black Jacket book turns this classic design into a symbol of endless possibilities.


Starting from Tokyo, The Little Black Jacket exhibition has traveled to New York, London, Paris and many other cities. The enhanced version in 2013 now finally arrives in Beijing at the 751 D Park exhibition site, located in the city’s 798 art district. Here at the preview, the legendary charm of Chanel’s little black jacket was unveiled to over three thousand guests, including the House’s China image ambassador Zhou Xun, internationally celebrated actress Zhang Ziyi, famed stylist Han Huo Huo, supermodel Fei Fei Sun and guests invited by Vogue China among others.

In this industrial-venue-turns-exhibition-hall, fashion met art. Each wall inside the vast interior space was covered with larger-than-life images of leading figures in fashion, art and culture, all wearing a little black jacket. Aside from the images of Zhou Xun, Zhang Ziyi and other celebrities which were already featured in the 2012 version of the book, the Beijing exhibition saw the addition of 7 new portraits of Chinese stars and supermodels, with another 14 new faces from abroad. In the “Dark Room”, an installation featuring gigantic glass panels especially designed for this exhibition depicting images of Zhou Xun, Fei Fei Sun, Han Huo Huo and Keira Knightley.

A shiny yellow tunnel led into the cool and chic party zone, The Club, as the neon sign indicated. Guests found themselves in a wonderland which made the steamy summer evening outside seemed a world away. An enormous tree stood in the middle and colorful lanterns inspired by In the Mood for Love divided the space into various sections. The performance by the British band, Klaxons, mesmerized the audience. People were immersed in this summer night’s dream till midnight… The music and the lights might have gradually faded out, but the jacket’s black magic would always remain.

Sophie Liu "Vogue China fashion editor"

Photo: Anita Leung