Rue Cambon is where it all began. Mademoiselle Chanel settled there in 1910 with the opening of her first shop at number 21, selling hats under the name “Chanel Modes”.

In 1918, she opened her Haute Couture House at number 31. Its layout under Gabrielle Chanel’s direction has remained unchanged, with its mirrored staircase leading to the apartment, followed by the Design Studio, where even today the House’s collections are brought to life under Karl Lagerfeld.



The Girl Chanel bag draws on the lines and codes of the iconic Chanel jacket, harnessing the combined know-how of the House’s Ready-to-Wear and leather goods departments, down to its assembly which - just like the Chanel jacket - is done inside out.

The perfect union of form and function, the bag - wearable in a multitude of ways - offers the Chanel woman the ultimate in freedom of movement, with jacket sleeve-style straps that can be knotted at the shoulder or around the waist.



The sportif-chic codes of Gabrielle Chanel’s wardrobe were inspired by the gentlemanly style of Arthur "Boy" Capel, her greatest love, and a keen polo player. As regards his support of the founding of her house, he would later say to Coco:
“I thought I was giving you a toy, but I was giving you your freedom.”


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