Dinner with karl lagerfeld

For the Cruise 2008/9 Collection show in Miami

Before each Cruise Collection fashion show, Karl Lagerfeld organizes a private dinner where he brings together the celebrities who have traveled the world to come and see his show. This year, Karl Lagerfeld's intimate friends and favorite actresses met at Casa Tua: Joana Preiss, Diane Kruger, Anna Mouglalis and many more... A relaxing moment before the next day's event.


Chan marshall

Her favorite places in Miami

Chan Marshall, photo by Karl Lagerfeld

Chan Marshall, the celebrated underground folk singer known as Cat Power, and a CHANEL icon, reveals some hot spots in Miami, where she has been living for the past few years.

Vintage clothing:

Fly Boutique, 650 Lincoln Rd, Tel. (305) 604 85 08 /

Haitian food:

Tap Tap, 819 5th Street, Tel. (305) 672 28 98


Versailles, 3555 SW 8th Street, Little Havana, Tel. (305) 444 02 40

The Deuce Bar, 222 14th Street, Tel. (305) 531 62 00

The Room, 100 Collins Ave, Tel. (305) 531 60 61


Hollywood goes to Cannes

61st annual Cannes Film Festival


Chanel in cannes

Lily Allen with her pink CHANEL sunglasses


Mobile art opening in hong kong

The CHANEL Contemporary Art Container designed by architect Zaha Hadid was presented for the first time in Hong Kong, in the heart of one of the town’s most spectacular architectural sites. This pavilion, which serves as an exhibition hall, was inspired by the famous 2.55 quilted handbag created by Gabrielle Chanel.

“I think that through architecture, I can help people to discover another world, enchant them, enthuse them with my ideas. My architecture is intuitive, radical, international and dynamic. My studio’s constructions allow people to encounter original experiences, there is something strange and new about them similar to the discovery of an unknown country. The Mobile Art Pavilion I designed for CHANEL goes by these principles of inspiration” says Zaha Hadid.

It is this talent for innovation that seduced Karl Lagerfeld when he asked her to invent a building that can be transported, set up and dismantled from city to city: “She is the first architect to have found a way to part from the omnipresent post-Bauhaus aesthetic. Her concepts are similar to those of great poetry; the potential of her imagination is immense.”

Each work of art and installation presented in the pavilion has been designed especially for the exhibition by one of over twenty international artists. Zaha Hadid has created more than just an exhibition space. It is a true landscape of fluid shapes in which installations come together like in an organic labyrinth.


Mobile art in hong kong

Karl Lagerfeld's vision


The feather plastron

Photo by Karl Lagerfeld

For the Paris-Londres collection, the house of Desrues made this spectacular golden feathers plastron. It is with his unique Métiers d'Art collection that Karl Lagerfeld is able to preserve and promote traditional know-how, using these increasingly rare artisans to enhance his creation. Behind the scenes of a meticulous project which takes over ten days of labor and results in a capelet of feathers delicately articulating along a woman’s décolleté.


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